100 Things You Didn't Know About Minecraft

Published 2024-06-22
Today I bring you 100 things you didn't know about Minecraft. Do you know these 100 facts about Minecraft? Comment below how many you didn't know!

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  • @jordandino417
    0:11 Correction: Since Minecraft 1.20.5, tamed wolves now have double the amount of hearts, having 20 hearts (40 health).
  • @Karcinos64
    Huh...some of these are repeated...weird...
  • @KnownOnlyAsDM
    Drink every time he says “why this happens I don’t know”
  • @Penguimus
    97 Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft (like 3 are duplicates; dEmEnTi—)
  • @Penguimus
    It ain’t iDeactivateMC if he doesn’t say “iN tHe EaRlIeR dAyS oF mInEcRaFt”.!.!
  • Hearing you say back in the earlier days of minecraft and then talk about the oxygen bar instantly regenerating made me feel old 😔
  • @SCG-1171
    5:40 This actually happens because soul sand is not a full block. Snow golems can only make snow trails on full blocks. Also, love the videos iDMC! Also, 10:08 resembles the Double Axe from Minecraft Dungeons!
  • @xanecosmo5061
    21:38 That "wololo" sound is actually from AoE1. AoE2 monks only do church choirs when they convert color. (which is actually more stressful to hear during a tough battle)
  • @SgtLuke
    10:35 Dang you iDMC. That has me wanting to go watch Stampylongnose again. You had me thinking of the Nether Portal in the logo for that one.
  • @captainMony
    i respect keeping the style after all the years. also being part of the ogs now
  • drink a whole glass of shandy every time he says "Why this happens i don't know" or "In the old days of minecraft"
  • @npc12505
    20:00 no way that you really download a herobrine mod to scare us💀