I Found the Warden vs Ender Dragon Animation!

Published 2024-06-23
Today we react to the Warden vs Ender Dragon Animated MOVIE

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  • @SuperSonicFan10
    Moral of the story:don't give the warden chorus fruit. Both gangs!
  • @axelcruz3458
    Moral of the story: eat chorus fruit at breakfast to get smarter even bionic
  • @CougarXWGM
    This animation violated warden in 42 languages
  • @user-fk8yz7mv3c
    For those who don’t know, the dragon resurrection ritual is actually real but you do need to replace the crystals still though.
  • @slothy3030
    Both gangs are so cool I didn’t know who to cheer for
  • @juliekemp4465
    Me just sitting munching in my chorus fruit for breakfast
  • @helpful_sus
    I love how the warden is not actually blind, he's just pretending to be blind for the video
  • Bionic is defiantly one of the best Minecraft players I’ve seen.
  • @Exec03
    10:33 The Warden's literally the strongest enemy in the game, he has 500 HP (250 Hearts), a wither has 150 HP on Java (75 hearts) and 300 HP on Bedrock (150 hearts), the Ender Dragon has literally 200 HP (100 Hearts) to add on to that, Wardens have the same ability as Vindicators against shields when they attack you with their fists and they can shoot you through walls with their sonic boom, like damn.
  • This this right here just beautiful perfect I love this movie it's so cool
  • @marinajohnston
    You are the best YouTuber ever And I wish I could give you 1 million subscribers