I Forced Life Series Youtubers to do an Escape Room!

Published 2023-09-02
So today I decided to build another Escape Room In Minecraft and force some Youtubers to do it and see who could get out the quickest!

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All Comments (21)
  • @mirthevanhoorn
    Knowing that Grian filmed this like casually halfway a Phasmo game with Skizz, Scar and Impulse makes it even better. Now we why Impulse was so annoyed Grian was back to Phasmo that quick 😂
  • @royallygray
    Grian in the game: This is stupid. I hate this. This is even stupider. Grian, after learning that he’s won: This is the most stellar, showstopping, amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of in my life and I have no regrets joining.
  • @impulseSV
    That last room was so devious. Very well done Scott!
  • The lever puzzle: exists Impulse: figures out the puzzle Gem: pulls the first lever "rabbits" Grian: pulls all the levers
  • @user-bt7uy9dg3g
    Etho: Rational Gem, Jimmy and Impulse: AAAHHHH!! Grian: Refined chaos and disaster
  • @rottureWIP
    i put my money on etho being in first place with his uniquely etho skillset but failed to take into account grian’s uniquely grian skillset. it was a battle of the trolls
  • @FireEmblemMaster
    Love seeing Etho getting trolled by the same tactic he used for Shade-E-E's. Karma 😂
  • @prudentia_8813
    I love how fast Grian went from "this stupid game" and "I'm never coming back" to "I take it all back, I appreciate you Scott and I will be back for the next one" once he found out he won. It gave me flashbacks to his 1.20 stream where he was berating chat for giving him wrong instructions ("I need silk touch for cobwebs, I'm never trusting you guys again") only for chat to be right ("I would like to apologize, I will never doubt you guys again")
  • @lolli_popples
    The comedic timing of Scott saying “no breaking things” and than Jimmy INSTANTLY falling in the hole has me dead.
  • @tabbini338
    everyone putting the string in the hopper, the scott giving them more string, only for them to immediately put it all back in the hopper again is amazing.
  • @belovedz2005
    Jimmy fluctuating between being so confident to “i don’t know” is such a mood
  • @elliewasson77
    12:13 Grian going “alright, gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme” and pulling every single level was such a Grian thing to do
  • @All54321
    I love how Grian and Etho just kept feeding the dropper string, not even thinking that there would be a different reason.
  • @lolli_popples
    The players found a way to torture the game master by endlessly feeding the dropper string.
  • @stellocchia_6885
    How the heck did Grian manage to complete it so fast?? Also, Impulse is hilarious, I hope we'll see him again in one of these
  • @MadisonC
    Per usual, Grian pulls all the levers without a second thought hahahaha
  • @birddcandle
    Please get Etho back for more (if he’s up for it ofc!!) he’s really fun to watch outside of a Hermitcraft context :D