World's Toughest Trick Shot Battle 3 | That'll Work

Published 2023-02-04
The most insane, intense Trick Shot Battle you will ever see. The stakes are higher than ever as the dudes from That'll Work compete for trick shot supremacy. Only one can win!

Thanks @TrickstersTrickshots for the idea for Challenge #7! Check out their page too if you like our videos!


At That'll Work our goal is to encourage you to get up and try something new and challenging. You never know, it might just work! If you come away from our videos entertained and inspired, we have done our job 😁

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We entertain people all around the world by doing INSANE TRICK SHOTS and EPIC CHALLENGES. We hope to make your day brighter while also encouraging you to try new and difficult things. Remember, NEVER GIVE UP!! That'll Work! :)

We are inspired by Dude Perfect, How Ridiculous, and That's Amazing. Our YouTube channel went big in 2021 and we can't wait to create more amazing videos for you in the future!

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