He Was Hollywood's Most Violent Icon

Published 2024-04-21
Unknown Facts Of Hollywood's Most Violent Icon. Gary Cooper; a name that evokes images of heroism, honor, and the allure of Hollywood's golden years. On the surface, Cooper was the epitome of the roles he portrayed — the strong, silent type who always did the right thing. Yet, his personal life tells a different story, one filled with controversies that stand in stark contrast to the characters he brought to life. Today, we're taking a closer look at the man behind the myth, uncovering the scandals that shadowed his storied career. Stay with us as we discuss the scandalous life of Gary Cooper..

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  • @MrsGogo
    Back in the 70's i had a boyfriend who worked as a chauffeur, imagine our teenage excitement and anticipation of Bob's gig. Well he drove Mr.Lewis that night and the next day he told me what a total assh* le the man was, he was tempted to throw him out of the limo but he needed the job.
  • @Agislife1960
    The fact that he didn't leave anything to his first wife and initial children speaks volumes about his character, or the lack of.
  • @PacoOtis
    About the Telethon! My sister was the executive secretary of Sertoma which is a do gooder outfit headquartered in Kansas City. It was "Service to Mankind" and they decided to make Mr. Lewis their "Man of the year" and asked my sister to coordinate with the legal folks at Mr. Lewis' organization to arrange this. She contacted them and they were thrilled for such publicity and my sister mentioned that Sertoma would require a statement that Mr. Lewis was not compensated for the work he did. They handed her over to the Lewis legal folks. She explained what Sertoma required and the lawyer immediately explained they could NOT provide such a document as Mr. Lewis was very well compensated for the telethon. Their spokesperson went on to explain that they realized many people had come forward and volunteered to do the Telethon for free, but they would not have the draw Mr. Lewis had and the business decision was made to pay Mr. Lewis. How about that! What a phony he appears to have been! Uhmm?
  • Mr.Lewis did more than prevent his sons by his first marriage to Ms.Palmer from inheriting his estate. He refused to pay any alimony or child support to his ex wife and his sons..one of his sons Mr.Anthony Lewis..was so angry with his dad..that he took him to court..and by court order..Mr.Jerry Lewis was forced to pay the back alimony and child support to his family.But..as a form of revenge..this lead to his cutting his sons and ex wife out of his estate. IMO:That Stinks!
  • @deb53
    Sorry, I think the way he treated his first wife and six son was atrocious. He gave more love and attention to his adopted daughter whilst completely ignoring his biological daughter and sons. I think he was a bastard.
  • @susieormsby2471
    he was nasty and mean. cruel to his own children and zero respect for women. ugh
  • @timmitchell3870
    The one thing I just don't get is the 'comic genius' part. I still remember watching 'The Nutty Professor' at summer camp when I was 10. I just remember all of us staring at the screen with this confused, are-we-supposed-to-be-laughing? look on our faces. After it was over several kids yelled out 'It's over - thank God!!!' Years later I thought maybe the film was too sophisticated for kids to understand and appreciate, so I watched it again as an adult. And well - I guess I'm still just too stupid to understand why anyone thinks Jerry Lewis had any talent at all.
  • @jomon723
    Dean Martin knew what type of man he was...
  • My father, as a Pan Am captain once flew Jerry Lewis to Rio and it I just happened to be on the same flight (first-class). I don't recall what caused the event, but,Lewis became verbally abusive with one of the stewardesses (as they we referred to at the time). Said stewardess complained to my father and my father came out from the cockpit, approached Mr Lewis saying, "If you ever speak that way to anyone on my flight again, in the manner in which you did, I will come out and kick the bejesus out of you.". Lewis behaved himself the remainder of the flight. I sat across the aisle from Mr Lewis and at some point he looked over at me and, seeing the smile on my face, he said, "What?" and I said, "He's my father." And I have to say, he took it rather well and laughed, adding, "I bet you'll remember that for the rest of your life." I instantly forgave him. Btw, I had no idea whether my father recognized who he was and I certainly didn't.
  • He was well known as a complete jerk. His treatment of women was appalling. His one saving grace was his loyalty and support for Sammy Davis Jr.
  • @VaterOrlaag
    "Former co-stars courageously came forward..." Five years after his death. Such courage. Much brave.
  • @swarthyjake4433
    When i was a child i thought he was very funny , when i grew up i realised what a fake he was.
  • @1967DIF
    This "Click-bate" will also be rememberd!:face-blue-smiling:
  • Never thought he was funny and he made my skin crawl. Trust your intuition.
  • @kimhickman9210
    He used and abused the huge fundraising he did in September for MS. And then we found out he takes most of the money went to him and not the fundraising for MS, it still runs cold in my veins, I gage every time I remember those days. I was a teenager and would stay up all night to watch and even send in money that I babysat for and then to find out it went in his pocket. And over time he was drunk as hell on the fundraiseing on tv made a fool of himself. And all of us.
  • The only Jerry Lewis movie I have seen is "The Nutty Professor". He may have raised a lot of money for MDA but he was a horrible person.