The One Co Star Alan Alda Couldn't Stand On MASH

Published 2023-05-01

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  • @VidClips858
    Alan Alda couldn't stand this guy for not giving us the answer.
  • My favorite line was delivered by Colonel Blake: "All I know is what they taught me in command school. Rule Number One is: in a war, young men die. And Rule Number Two is: Doctors can't change Rule Number One."
  • @lotusmanb3832
    Colonel Flagg best recurring character hands down.
  • So who was the one co-star Alda couldn't stand? What a rip off! They never say!
  • I joined the US Army in 76. I chose to become a Medic because of this show and after training I went to Germany. The field unit I was assigned to was just the same group of guys, just the names and faces changed. It's been 45 years since I last saw any of my brothers. Too long.
  • I'm 63 and most of my life I've had MASH around me, in the seventies everybody watched it. It was funny, but also sophisticated and had a message, but the great thing about watching it in Britain was that there was no laughter track. Even Alan Alda said that he never watched the show unless He was in Britain at the time of broadcast. Now I look at it and they all seem like old friends to me .
  • @Kulumuli
    I watched a lot of MASH before I did my military service in 1994-1995 (in Norway). One fellow recruit was like BJ Hunnicut (Mike Farrel). He even looked like him. He was always calm and kept his locker in pristine order all the time. I saw only once he raised his eyebrows when our recruits took a joke too far. Everybody liked him. A good guy.
  • I can't believe MASH will be 50 this year. I can honestly say (with most of your viewers) that I grew up watching the show and still enjoy to this day!
  • You can only act so much. It was obvious in the last episode that when Margaret Houlihan said to Colonel Potter, "You dear, sweet man," and embraced and kissed him, it was Loretta Swit talking to Harry Morgan. Very moving. The show just had no equal in its writing quality, its humor, its character establishment and development, and its gravitas.
  • @larslarsman
    Haven't heard this narrator for a while. His rising squeaky pitch at the start of each sentence and rising squeaky pitch with vowels, sounds like someone is torturing him with pliers on his privates. Squeak on brave narrator. I want an award for sticking with this video for 6 minutes.
  • @markmarsh27
    I rented Loretta Swit a car when she was doing a play in Toronto in the early '90's, delivered it to her hotel. I was shy to meet her, (BIG M.A.S.H. Fan here!) but her shyness was far greater than mine, a very humble Lady, nothing "Diva" about her.
  • @BottomTen
    No other show in history did such an excellent job of making you laugh and making you cry.
  • I still watch it every weekday morning. Dvr records 6 episodes and I randomly watch off and on till evening…then I’ll delete and start over again the next morning. It’s 8:19 am now and I have it on the tv.😀😀❤
    So, the hook line is never directly addressed. Are we to guess that Wayne Rogers was the co-star whom Alan Alda couldn't stand? For my part, by the last few years of the series, I couldn't stand Alan Alda.
  • Brilliant work. I've probably watched MASH dozens of times and still catch quick quips i have missed. Tight wonderful script. We'll not see it's like again.
  • So who was it? The narrator never actually made it clear.😮 On another note, this was my Mother’s favorite show. I watched it with her as a teenager n loved it myself. I have fond memories of hearing her exuberant laughter n how happy her face looked when she laughed watching it. Laughter is like a sweet desert for the soul. My Mom had it rough. She was a single Mother to 3 young girls after my parents got divorced. She rarely got child support and at times worked 3 jobs to pay bills n feed us. Watching M.A.S.H. was a sweet escape for her from all the stress she was enduring. She not only managed to keep her head above water n handle everything by herself but she was an exemplary example to her children. She got Alzheimer’s in her late seventies. My sisters and I were her sole caregivers for almost 3 years before she transitioned. I miss her and her contagious laughter. 💝
  • @SPenny-my4we
    People, I remember watching this show with my friends and barely being able to stay in my chair from laughing so hard ! Our sides would hurt from laughing so hard, and it was great when one of us would drop a line a couple days later and we'd all Crack up again ! We grew up with MASH, we laughed so hard, and cried so many times because they made it the way it needed to be made ! I'll never forget MASH, we'll never forget MASH that is ! That's definitely a FAMILY CLASSIC ! GOD Bless Them All !
  • LOL... glad I'm in the habit of mousing over videos and reading comments before I commit my time watching them. At least I can save that much out of my life!