I Spent 24 Hours In A Doomsday Bunker

Published 2020-04-11
The bunker gets crazier as the video goes on!
For more info on this bunker check out their site here: www.survivalcondo.com/

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  • @MrBeast
    In case you’re wondering this video was filmed weeks ago before the stay at home orders! Wuv you guys and make sure to social distance ❤️

    Btw you should subscribe or I’ll punch your foot.
  • Imagine being able to financially support you and all your friends so for the rest of your life all you get to do is screw around and explore the world with them, mad respect Mr. Beast
  • @777chaser6
    This man is literally born to make History. Hats off to Jimmy and the crew
  • @Tarwhan003
    This is one of my favourite mrbeast videos. I just love how basic it is, just three friends chilling in a doomsday bunker.
  • SEMANGAT selalu bikin kontennya bos, walaupun konten nya lama Tp selalu bikin inspirasi buat yang ingin main slot bang dan menambah semangat para sloter lain" Keren gaada matinya selalu ngasih pundi pundi CUANN! TETAPLAH SUKSES BUAT CHANNELNYA BOSQUEE!!,,,,,
  • @1BlueSkyy
    Media : Was it really challenging staying in bunker ??

    Chandler : yeah definitely! I didn’t even get a pizza there.
  • Jimmy: It’s incredible that they have a self sustaining system!

    Chris: Do fish get thirsty?
  • @user-ql4ez5rt9w
    Парни , Вы одного не учитываете с этими бункерами, скорее всего он отмечен у противника как вполне себе действующая ракетная шахта, по этому в первую очередь будут пытаться выводить их из строя или же потенциальные места пусков или потенциальные ракеты которые могли бы от туда взлетать, по этому скорее всего туда будет нанесен прямой ядерный удар, и никакие 7-ми тонные двери вас не спасут от полумегатонны.
    Бункер вместе с вами испарится за миллисекунды)) Они не рассчитаны на прямое попадание.
  • Ser amigo de mr. beast, es como si te tocara la loteria ,y digo los amigos que tiene antes de que fuera millonario ...
  • This was Awesome. I would rather have one of these, or, should I say,.... a version of one of these, more than any mansion, or any standard/normal/conventional home.
    EVERYTHING about this type setup perfect.
  • @Polaris4444
    Its amazing how Mr Beast never fails to amaze us keep up the good work man never stop uploading
  • @Luke-nh1oe
    Chris: time for Huggies
    Jimmy: runs away
    5 seconds later
    Jimmy: I am locking you guys in here
  • @T0R0NT042
    Imagine there was an actual nuke and every one was just chilling doing all crazy things while the world is just ending
  • @pingking2099
    Jimmy: Sleeps

    Chris: Sleeps

    Chandler: Climbs walls
  • @kayhaghi2414
    You do so much for others. You are such a good man