Losing my 10 year old Minecraft Account

Published 2023-09-17
Update 9/19/2023: we did it. rekrap2 is back

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  • @rekrap2
    Update 9/19/2023: we did it. rekrap2 is back
  • @BlockFacts
    I don't understand why the Minecraft community aren't outraged about Mojang deleting PAID accounts. In my opinion this is worse than chat reporting ever was.
    Really hope you get your account back man!
  • @BlacKooLaidsYT
    i hope all goes well with the account. hopefully mojang sees this and can make an exception. we can only hope..
  • @noodles5328
    I've never had a well working device, hell, even a purchased game, but seeing someone losing something is really unfortunate, I hope someone can help you or this video get trended
  • @Spifey
    Sucks to hear :/ Lost my main account too
  • @ELYBM
    that account has a ton of history, hopefully mojang is able to do something to help
    edit: LETS GO
  • @blazingdude11
    "I don't want to cause a headache for Mjoang"

    Dude, who cares, they're revoking access to a product you paid for and making you go out of your way to fix it, they deserve the headache.
  • @MrMasterMarshy
    The fact he did this on his main account instead of his second channel shows how important this is to him😢
  • @piehappy0
    As someone who had only just purchased my own account after almost 10 years playing, i can only imagine how upsetting this is. Hope your going to keep your account🙏
  • @MythixcalSky
    It really sucks this all happened to you, having you and your dad's minecraft accounts created in such a specific time where it now messes up your old account is really unlucky... I hope creating a twitter will solve the situation faster.
  • @HarryBolsak
    I have never experienced a more unnecessarily convoluted system than creating a minecraft account. Its actually absurd how long it took me to get my own account running after not using it for a while, and then you hear stuff like this. Absolutely insane. In the words of the great tyler1 "FIX THE GAME"
  • You should try asking an employee if the names for non-migrated accounts will become available after the deadline. Even if you can’t get the actual account back you might be able to rename your parkertwo account if the name becomes available.
  • @Randomwords247
    Man it sucks so bad that this has been such a hassle. I know its a fairly unique scenario but it's wild that they don't have any way to like sort this or help out with it, or at least haven't so far. I really hope they'll be able to sort something in the next three days, or at LEAST release the username so you can reuse it. Because as far as I know, they're not released usernames of the soon-to-be deleted accounts? Which is really unfortunate
    Best of luck though
  • @swagsire
    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just want to say that this is not even something limited to just you. I'm in a similar boat with Mojang refusing to help me migrate, my account also being so old that I use my username to login. In fact, if the comments section tells anything, I’m sure that there are als countless other players who registered their accounts in the legacy account period who simply can't transition due to technical reasons like you who aren't being heard simply because they never had the platform to voice this.

    I too was diligent in trying to transition my account from the day Mojang accounts were introduced (yes to those reading, there was an account type before both Mojang and Microsoft accounts) but even after an endless amount of ticket creation and all the time I spent trying to migrate long before the deletion deadline was announced, and despite having all the other information they asked for, Mojang support refused to help because I didn't have the ID or access to the email.

    So here I am today, having just recently bargained once again with them for the last time, helplessly watching my old account with all the capes I acquired over the long period I played Minecraft getting deleted. :( It's not even that people haven't been seeing the warnings, we have, it's some people just legitimately cannot transition and Mojang support refuses to help or do anything about it.

    Anyhow, thank you again rekrap for sharing your story and thanks to everyone who read all of this! I really hope that Mojang will hear and do something about this. Please spread this video around, everyone. ❤️
  • @thepigeonman_
    Its happened with me too, imo this is one of the most outrageous things mojang/microsoft have ever done
  • @Hyren00
    I'm glad you managed to get your account back, and it's honestly incredibly lucky you were able to. I lost my account that I've had since being in elementary school. When I contacted support, I couldnt get help because I didn't have the purchase details since it was so far back. Was quite sad but definitely a great learning experience and a wake up call on how cruel everything is.
  • @Newbinator
    I wish I could but I know nothing when it comes to this stuff. I can't imagine how I'd feel if I was him in this situation. I know what it feels like to lose something you've had for a few years. But 12 years!? That's gotta hurt man. I really wish I could help, but I don't have twitter so I'm not sure if liking the tweet is possible... All I can do is wish him luck on getting his account back.
  • @QualityTheKing
    Man, that sucks. I know it's just a minecraft account, but it's the rekrap2 account. But regardless, love your videos, rek, and don't let this bring you down.
  • @youtubeinc.5792
    Sucks that you’re losing your account. My account was deleted during migration as well due to the same reasons, and it sucks. I hope you can get your account back before it’s too late.