Epic Basketball TRICK SHOTS From Level 1 to 100

Published 2022-03-04
As the Levels get HIGHER, the Basketball Trick Shots get HARDER!
All the trick shots made in the video are 100% real!

Some of these are ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!

If you're entertained, we did our job.


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We are a BRAND NEW trick shot channel whose goal is to make you smile by testing the limits of possible! We are inspired by Dude Perfect, How Ridiculous, Brodie Smith, and That's Amazing. Unlike many of those channels, however, you get to see the hard work and perseverance it took to create each shot. Our channel went big in 2021 and we can't wait to create even more amazing videos for you in the future!

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  • @carsoncurran
    Awesome Video 🔥🔥

    That last one was crazy 🤯
  • Haven’t watched it all yet but I already know it’s going to be insane. Keep the content coming!
  • @pseudo5563
    The amount of dedication this man has, just amazing
  • @TulsaDude
    Been showing my 8 year old daughter your trick shot videos, and now we're bouncing discs off basketballs, throwing bouncy balls off the wall, you name it.... relieving my childhood days of rolling tennis balls off the roof. Keep it up!!!
  • I totally appreciate how much effort you put into these videos! Absolutely amazing!
  • I absolutely love the reactions when you succeed a trickshot! These videos always make me smile!!! Thanks man! Keep going!
  • I enjoy Dude Perfect but man, you take it to the next level!!!! Keep it up man and remember......... THAT'LL WORK👊👊👊
  • @lilacdoe7945
    Breaking world records is only level 60 for this man. That'll work.
  • @Discofeeva123
    Mad respect to you for not quitting. I can’t imagine throwing a ball like that for 7 hours at 2:13
  • @MasonQ-
    awesome vid! i love trickshots, lemme just say this looks crazy hard! the amount of dedication you have is amazing! keep it up
  • @robmangeri777
    The nice thing about these trick shot channels is that NO ONE can copy the effort they all have to put in.👍🏼
  • This is literally the craziest basketball trickshot video ever!!! If this doesn't go huge I don't know what will.
  • This is easily one of the most insane trick shot videos ever, I do them too so I know how absolutely difficult they are! Seriously I'm super impressed great shots and excellent video
  • This channel is definitely “Worth Watching.” I’ve never watched a YouTuber that has kept my interest throughout an entire video until this guy. Great job bro!👏🏽
  • @gibtron739
    Good work man it’s cool two people have this much patience being trick shooters
  • You are such a skilled and hard working trick shot channel. You are better than dude perfect. Keep up the incredible, unbelievable, phenomenal, breathtaking, craziest, most insane, wonderfully put together trick shots bro.😁👍🏻 I'm proud to be a subscriber
  • @thapasvit8035
    Thanks for making me relief by posting these videos....i usually get tired after college but after watching your videos I'll feel relaxed🤗🤗
  • @DavidmGoetz
    Level 65--the up and over the sunroom shot--is insane. Can't believe you got it on your third try!
  • I like how he shows us his failed attempts too because he inspires me not to give up and to keep trying until I'll succeed
  • @EricksonAndy
    Sooooooo satisfying to watch! I can't make my socks hit the laundry basket let alone any of these. Amazing!