The Soviet Obsession With Venus Revealed

Published 2024-05-11
What did the Soviet Union find when they landed on Venus in the 1970's and 80's?

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All Comments (21)
  • @lakojake4215
    "Venera 13 carried a microphone. So we can listen to the sounds of Venus..." Me: 👂 "Venera 14..."
  • @AtomicPunk23
    Still blows my mind that they successfully landed a space probe on the least hospitable place in the inner solar system; and with 1970s tech. I love those photos of what looks like a yellow tinted Earth-like rocky landscape.
  • One of the greatest Space projects ever. Venus is amazing, and so was the Soviet passion for space exploration.
  • You didn't show the best image from the Venera-14 mission, it's a color image that actually shows the Venusian horizon, it's honestly an incredible sight, even though it's extremely flat and barren, the fact that it's the only clear image taken on Venus is incredible in and of itself. I'd highly recommend anyone that hasn't seen it to look it up, as it's likely the best we're going to get for a very long time. Fantastic video otherwise though, I've been fascinated by the various missions to Venus for a long time now and you summarized it very well.
  • @infinidominion
    They probably just told us its too hot, meanwhile they have a whole planet to themselves
  • @jaydee3046
    The U.S. decided it was not possible to keep a lander cool enough to work on venus. The Russian lander got around this with a very simple system. They had radiator devices that were filled with excess rocket fuel. The devices were deployed enroute to super cool the fuel from the coldness of space. The fuel was pumped through the lander to cool it upon landing.
  • @robinwells8879
    The early Venera probes may have been dead on arrival but just arriving alone is a remarkable achievement. Like the Indian moon shot, definitely not a failure.
  • @dustsky
    It's not uncommon for households in the former Soviet Union or Eastern Bloc to still have working machines or household appliances from the Soviet era that are in working condition. In Eastern Europe, we have the saying, “built like a Soviet tank” to refer to these almost indestructible pieces of engineering.
  • @norad6437
    Imagine if US and USSR had thrown their differences aside and worked together for science and space exploration they wouldn't have done many good discovery.
  • Other probes actually have landed on the surface of Venus since Venera. Each of those balloon missions, Vega 1 and Vega 2, were also packaged alongside a flyby probe that would go on to visit Halley's Comet and a lander. Vega 1's lander instruments activated early, but both landers survived their descents. The Pioneer Venus Multiprobe also unintentionally landed an atmospheric probe, the Day probe, on the surface of Venus; this remains NASA's only successful landing on Venus.
  • You have to hand it to the soviet scientists, they didn't give up even when the Intel they had meant that their probe would melt under the brutal conditions of Venus.
  • "Apple updates ALONE would make that impossible..." Truer words have never been spoken.
  • Wow, I had no idea about any of these trips to Venus. Love the pictures! Got to give those Soviet engineers high marks. Thanks! 🚀
  • @1873Winchester
    The final message is something I've been pondering a lot with regards to every day technology on earth, but I can see how it especially applies to space.
  • @alexgood1056
    Столько слов про политику ,но ни слова про институт и коллектив, ведущий тогда программу освоения венеры. Разработкой занималось ОКБ им. С.А. Лавочкина, которое в то время возглавлял Георгий Николаевич Бабакин.Само предприятие, научный задел и сами аппараты сохранились, можно продолжить их исследования. Но их не запустят пока не дооснастят приборами для получения новых данных, а не повторения старых.
  • @ahmedh5361
    I love how the Soviets didn't give up easily.
  • I like how they use wave tactics but with probes. It’s charming imo. And I’m glad they did it