Investigating the Internet's Most Famous Scammer

Published 2023-07-10

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  • @TommyGMcGee
    Public Service Announcement: never send a penny to someone that calls themself a scammer
  • @mjbreez3624
    the amount of self snitching going on in our generation is going to be studied for decades.
  • @justparathegoat
    "I really just take from the poor and then rich is me." 💀bro is a menace
  • @dalehughes6510
    Imagine owning a business and see punchmadedev and the homies outside in the parking lot
  • @Noname-co7kt
    those kids flex with $100k, awakenbeerus spends $1m on betting ticket
  • @MatthewBHoth
    😂 Those two women in the gas station switched up for like... $10? Shoutout Tommy for staying true to himself
  • @JuannWickk
    The amount of passive aggression in this video is insane tommy was clowning on him the whole time
  • @nickfrazier2710
    Commits wire fraud and immediately afterwards says, “I might give it back”
  • @sportsdiscuss353
    I love how when he's asked how to prevent some of this stuff; he just says they can't
  • @unk6864
    This shows how money doesn't always buy happiness. This guy has money, doesn't have to work, but somehow recognition for what he's doing is more important than being careful about getting caught
  • @danieladams4888
    Tommy's lawyer here: no matter how good Punch Dev thinks he is - confessing to 1m+ viewers isn't a recipe for longterm criminal success! - Dan Adams
  • @jackarnoldy8966
    "Does your mom know you scam?", "nah I tell her I do crypto"
  • bro the Feds and the AG's office are having a day with this video 😂. This is the smoking barrel evidence to convict. I am surprised that Dev has not reach out to you and demand this video to be taken down.
  • @GodFamilyMoney
    Punchmade Dev is a scammer actor. A pretty good one I might say. Even though the methods to scam he discloses are true to an extent, he himself doesnt participate in the fraud. Instead he uses "his own" money as bait, to get low level entry scammers to buy into his "courses" in which he then scams the scammers. #Genius💡 #4DChess
  • @ito12347
    This is hilarious. The part where tommy tries to give the scammer a benefit of the doubt by saying "Do you feel like robin hood, who took from the rich and gave to the poor?" and he says "nah i took from the poor to make me rich"
  • @TheMikeG1291
    Walks out of the bank with $70k. Proceeds to buy a chain…🤦🏾‍♂️
  • @AGP187
    Dude. There was a random guy hanging out at the register in a little corner store near my house recently. He kept flagging everybody through and paying for there stuff around Christmas. Now it makes more sense.
  • @mikesmoovofficial
    This video gave more information on how to scam than it did on how to prevent it 🤣
  • @niya9948
    The lack of remorse is sad. Ppl have kids, bills, medical needs they have to take care of 🤦🏾‍♀️taking their money can change the trajectory of their life and mental health. No matter if the bank gives it back or not it takes forever sometime to file disputes and actually get your money back!