The Kids Who Hacked The CIA

Published 2024-03-17
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This is the story of the kids who Hacked the CIA.

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All Comments (21)
  • @mick6247
    I love how this kid hacked into a college,and the first thing he did remove the student loans
  • @thestomache
    imagine being a 15 year old, smoking some weed and be like "I'm gonna prank call the head of the CIA and ask for five trillion dollars"
  • @LolPlove
    These teenagers probably are 100x cleaner than the gov. They just wanted to help shape a world that they wanted to live in.
  • @ChRiStY4t5
    I can understand taking their electronics. House arrest. Maybe even huge fines. But prison for a kid just bc he OUTSMARTED them for so long, is bullshit.
  • @ashjohnson4451
    when you’re punished for trying to show the truth, you know you’re being ruled by the criminals
  • @coolepic519
    I love how despite it being horrible, his first idea was to just destroy student loan debts, thats great
  • @lucascurley3257
    imagine being director of the CIA while previously had a drug problem so big you had 130k worth of cocaine at one point
  • This 15 year old committed some of the craziest hacking crimes, meanwhile I’m almost 18 and don’t know how to save a Word document 😭
  • @GoldenBlue...
    while kids hack the cia, my 24 year old ass tries to learn fl studio
  • @nikanj
    Whether you believe what the did was right or wrong you can't deny they had good intentions. Neither of them were in it for personal gain, in fact, they had everything to lose.
  • 12:42 He exposed the fact that the American government was invloved in the suffering of Gaza's people. This is a fact which the American government denied hardly and now they got exposed hard. I got respect for him as he got the balls to do it.
  • @Deidara701
    I love how the interviewer’s reaction was more surprised by the fact that default smoked pop over the fact he was potentially still a teenager
  • @kagagosimo
    kids be hacking cia while me having a hard time how to deactivate my facebook account.
  • @ThatMilkJuice
    I don’t understand what they’re doing is a crime when the government themselves commit the same thing.
  • @kakashishinoda
    I love how this kid has a poster of a game on his wall, and a Lego figure on his shelf 6 years before they released.
  • @Caydiem
    I mean it is pretty embarrassing for the head of the CIA to be using passwords that can be easily social engineered.
  • @laavanya5206
    “The worst part of betrayal is that it doesn’t come from an enemy”
  • I find it absolutely hilarious that some random nerd sitting in his bedroom can hack a whole government. Like how do they expect to maintain cyber security against their enemies when they cant fend off a few computer savvy kids?
  • @ToasterVR123
    Kids be hacking the CIA and I need a YouTube tutorial to make a plain donut in blender 😭😭😭
  • @qu3nt
    hacking back than was way easier, unpatched servers was everywhere unprotected directly on internet