Top 6 Clarity Meme GachaLife part 2

Published 2020-05-21

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  • Ingrid Seim
    The first one: Talk about a lot of effort and good editing!
  • Taitorunashi
    Is it just me, or is the clarity meme like the most popular Gacha life meme
  • Mi pasado oscuro
    Me encanto la primera por que le da un toque de realismo por que en realidad una persona la tiran y ni que te salan alas del coñ* puedes salvarla
  • Chandle-chi
    Nobody other then the people that are inspirations for the meme are acually creative with this meme
  • remi
    Please beware of Sherbase12 I have saw at least 9 more people get hacked today, illegal, and heartbreaking. He is going for gachatubers 3-100,000. Please copy paste his to spread awareness! I am very concerned about the situation and I don't want you getting hacked knowing how AMAZING you are!
  • Clxudy_Ren
    I like the second one It’s so booitful Like an angel
  • Xenn
    I wish i was good at editing
  • Likable Pixel
    Riddle me this

    If these are memes then why did it add on to my deppresion?
  • Lenard Amantio
    Is it just me or the 1st clarity meme's cry looks like a giraffe (boy)