Girls VS Boys Sing Battle (Gacha Life) 400 subs special

Published 2019-04-18
Thank you so much for 400 subs I hope we can get on 1000 subs!

intro song:
Jack's song:
Elisa's song:
Mark's song:
Snowy's song:

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Ethan's song:
Nora's song:
Ray's song:
Aurora's song:

aps: Gacha Life
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  • Crystal Nora
    Its my first time I get so many comments and views thank you all!

    edit: they are not siblings they are couples
  • tohrumqka ❀
    i love how we're all just checking up on our childhoods in 2022
  • Vert lemon
    Hella nostalgia and this has every thing a singing battle needs
    1.demons and wolf's
    2.the couple or ex couple look like siblings
    3.the two depressed people that hate each other

  • I love how we’re all just here on the same day reminding ourselves how cringe our younger selves were
  • Aaliyah Festin
    I remember watching this in my childhood over and over again,and now i suddenly remember this video and makes me smile:)

    Good old days<33
  • Ashhh
    The dry expression humor, the fact that they’re supposed to be fighting but there’s romance too, the fact that all the couples look like sets of identical twins, the stereotypical emo’s on the sidelines, the absence of punctuation, the demon transformations, the absence of a source of instrumentals until it’s convenient, the emo songs being the saddest and supposedly the most heart touching, the emo’s taking off their hoods being shocking even though they’re all supposed to be friends so it shouldn’t be shocking to see their faces, the music choices.

    Our childhoods were truly blursed.
  • MoonCrab
    Ahhh the simple days of gacha, good times
  • Zizi D
    Ah yes back when we thought couples matched in colors. Brings back memories
  • Hadley🤨
    Reminds me of my “cousin.” She moved in with my grandma, and we became close friends. We were connected through gacha, and made singing battles when we were like 7-9 :) She moved recently and I miss her a lot. She always made me laugh, and I hope she’s doing well. Every time I think of her, i come back to these videos and laugh it off. <3
  • May Ann Zagado
    Lmfao, glad I'm not the only one who's here re-watching this absolute masterpiece- 😀😀😀
  • i miss this.. now the gacha community is dirty, i miss the old gacha, the one with no logic, it was super funny! I love how we made characters with wings and wolf ears, hybrids, i miss that, we need this back!
  • sweetheart
    me watching this to get old gacha vibes-
  • Candy Creates
    This is such a coincidence everyone is checking back on this 3y old video on the same day 😀
  • Yuri_Gachaシ
    I love how we all came back to watch these today
  • Rupa Sinha
    My childhood <3
    I can’t believe it, I had watched this exact video before because I liked it. Memories ..
  • SlimeSlipUp
    It's funny how cringe and innocent gacha was back then, although there are so many gacha characters with great designs nowadays, so many bad things have happened online, and I think it's nice to look back at the olden times from 2018 and 2019