FNAF Escape Room | The Glitched Attraction

Published 2022-11-06

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  • @merix9518
    I genuinely love the fact that when Markiplier was playing the demo of this game, he twice complained about the game not allowing him to squish any toy's noses, this feature then got added in the full version.
  • @mrschizo2837
    There's something I just love about the bots just PUNCHING you when they catch you. I find it oddly scarier than just the standard "scream in your face" too. Somehow a robot kicking your ass the old fashioned way is scarier than just getting your head bitten off or something.
  • @greathorn
    mark stepping on the cupcake and being met with chica just absolutely decking him in the face is so good
  • @confettiveda2460
    5:55 Foxy laughing cuz he knows he startled you is a level of wholesomeness I didn't know I needed.
  • As a science major, the fact that Mark was calling the various circuit symbols as "gap" "arrow" and "curly" was rather amusing
  • Mark running into a locker and looking at Chica like she's an idiot, only for her to open the door and punch him is the highlight of any FNAF series so far
  • 12:04 i love how lyxian tells us "coast is clear on "stop"" when the next 10-15 seconds are just markiplier panicking and shouting "stop stop stop stop"
  • @Dami_Ka
    I really love how most of these animatronics will stalk you and give you paranoid hallucinations before snacking on your frontal lobe, but then there's Toy Chica who just decks you with a haymaker.
  • @Zuneops
    It was funny having electrical knowledge and knowing what the symbols are, then watching Mark assign his own names to them. For the rest of my electrical career those are the names I'm going to use.
  • @Bethylee
    Okay I don't get jumpscared by videos often, but 11:51 really got me good. This seems pretty well made so far, excluding that rage inducing ending of course lol.
  • @pbassman99
    The joy I felt when Mark talked about seeing the OG animatronics on the stage was palpable. Something I’ve never seen until this video came out. I’m very much scared of animatronics but that made me very happy for some reason 😂
  • @KolkoCat
    I’d love an escape room like this. Have the animatronics played by humans. Allow everyone to come in with a big group and if the animatronics catch you, you get taken to a back room and the game gets harder as the group gets smaller.
  • @dbeast03
    Mark's only weakness: SURPRISE CHICKEN THROAT PUNCH
  • @bluefishinthecut
    Jumpscare List for people with anxiety:
    5:57 Foxy being a goof
    8:35 Nightmarionne
    9:40 Nightmarionne 2
    11:45 Fredbear in your face
    14:40 Nightmare BB gave Mark a heart attack
    19:16 Toy Chica PUNCH
    20:46 Mangle and BB tag team lmao
    21:36 Toy Chica cheats
    25:42 Toy Chica hates your face

    Edit: Sandwich
  • @razor-4302
    One of the things I find hilariously funny is that in the demo, Mark was complaining about losing at the very end of the timer because at that time he didn't know he had to solve the puzzle even though he had read the instructions. Now in this video he's complaining about not being able to put on the suit even though it was again in the instructions. An awesomely typical part of him I genuinely love
  • @mjolinger
    I love that the buttons are all electrical symbols and how Mark chose to describe them. He’s not wrong with his descriptions, but I’ve never heard anyone refer to a DC power source as “dah” before. 😂
  • @michaeltalpas
    I think the best part of watching Mark play horror games is not that he gets scared, but that he gets so angry.
  • @angelicablume7418
    I never realized until Mark pointed it out, but yeah, we have never seen the bots preforming while the player is in the room. It's really cool that it was finally put in a game.
  • @xgoldy_4082
    I just want to say I applaud you for your love for the community. You didn’t have to put in those seizure warnings, but you admire your fans enough to put in that warning with regards to those who may struggle with epilepsy. I love you and your heart, keep doing your thing mark!!!