The Return to Bloody Nights: Part 1

Published 2023-05-21

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  • Cold
    Ngl Mark beating the first 3 nights without even discovering the flashlights at the doors is really impressive and also is something Markiplier would do
  • Agender-Wolfie
    When Mark leaves us with the game running it feels the same as your mom leaving you at the checkout to grab something.
  • The fact that Mark just so happened to return right as the CEO mentioned a "puppet crawling into a man's mouth" is hilarious
  • Gloomy Nia
    All jumpscares

    24:48 - Freddy looking into camera (he continues to look for a while)
    26:39 - Freddy scares the camera with his endoskeleton (also continues)
    32:21 - Puppet makes an appearance
    32:43 - Puppet again
    33:12 - Freddy endoskeleton scare again
    34:38 - !! Death jumpscare - endoskeleton

    I know this kinda ruins the horror experience but i know some people really need this. Hope it was helpful
  • SpencerFox
    The voice acting in this game is really good, especially for a fangame! Also props to the devs for not sacrificing authentic gameplay for a detailed environment! It feels like a full FNAF game with a unique twist I haven’t seen in fan games in a while!
  • Fun fact: the "puppet crawling into a man's mouth" is from one of the sister location books, where the mini ballerina 's crawl one bye one down a security guard 's mouth until he burst 's.
  • Lumilily
    Mark has never once played a game with complete full knowledge of what he is supposed to do yet he somehow still always wins
  • The fact that this is a fan game, and has secret mini games like the official titles, is really impressive.
  • pickylucky
    Eddie: struggling through the nights

    Mark: making it through 2 of the nights without realizing there are flashlights for the doors
  • monty mole
    markiplier: don't expect me to play every fnaf fan game in existence cause that is NOT happening

    also markiplier: *proceeds to do exactly the thing he said he wasn't gonna do*
  • Zarfa- de
    Marks ability to appear at incredibly out of context moments is impeccable
  • Æsir
    The fact that mark left to check on his dogs at the moment a new mechanic was introduced and explained is hilarious.
  • Viktória Albert
    Mark being so paranoid about the "something crawling in a man's mouth" and the turning around is just pure entertainment
  • Riaheals
    After the call ended on night 1 Markiplier REALLY started to ask the most important questions right away 🤣
  • That dude on the phone is legit Cave Johnson. The whole speech is practically a rewrite of his lines from Portal 2 and i love it. Perfectly fitting as both FNAF and Portal thrive off similar humor. Also that minigame theme slaps wtf.
  • Jana
    "We don't want a repeat of the old tale when a puppet crept into a sleeping man's mouth, do we?"
    Mark, absolutely horrified: WHAT?!
  • Anon Gamer
    Lol I half expected Luxian to draw himself in the corner acting like he was the one playing the game when mark left but seeing mark come back to the sentence from the audio and his confusing was great
  • LM Utley
    phone guy: just sit tight & don't touch anything you don't need to.

    Mark: stops messing around w/ bobble heads
    also Mark: looks at us like we saw nothing
  • “Your breathing, I don’t know why. Little unsettling…” got me rolling on the floor 😂
  • Nic Series
    Mark leaving the video to check up on the doggo's is just showing that Mark truly cares and loves the dogs💫