I Built a SECRET McDonald's in My Room!

Published 2024-04-06

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  • @BenAzelart
    Reply to this comment if you’ve ever been to the restaurants we picked!
  • This comment won’t get more than 9 likes..
  • @Ayden767
    Yay, another secret room video! I absolutely love watching your videos, who else agrees 👇🏻
  • Cam's winning moment is so unexpected. I thought Ben is the winner. Who agrees.
  • @enasmisheal5554
    i voted for Hannah because i liked it very much and biggest PINK DRINK I HAVE EVER SEEN wow good job
  • @Fav-blonde21
    I loved the secret Starbucks, Hannah definitely did an amazing job ❤. As well as Ben and cam to. Love these secret room videos!
  • @Kara-gp8on
    Ben is so good at flips who agrees and funny
  • @TaylorBff-qd1dr
    THIS WILL NOT GET MOR THAN 5 likes ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
  • @user-dk1oz7yb1f
    Ben Azelart never fails to make his whole community laugh, even if it meant to hurt or put himself in danger. You have earned a new subscriber buddy.❤❤
  • I honestly thought that cam wouldn’t of won I thought Hannah was going to win but you all do such a good job 👍 and Ben I love you videos 😊 Edit: Sorry guys if I spoilt it for you 😊😊
  • @RizztasticL
    Even though Cam won, he is still the most wanted person in Italy.
  • @Amy-ng4gn
    Hannah should had won, her restaurant looked so good and tasty.