Published 2024-01-16

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  • @AmpWorld.
  • Pizza is in school lunch and chicken nuggets dinosaur chicken nuggets in school lunch
  • @YouTube
    i need an onion nugget expeditiously
  • @nuqi
    Pierson as the school lunch lady had me in stitches! 😂🍎
  • @CrispyLisuous
    Morning Routine: School 📋🍎 5:20 — Wake up 💤 5:21 — Make breakfast 🥪🍳 5:23 — Brush teeth and wash face 🦷 5:30 — Skincare 🍶💧 5:40 — Take a bath 🏝 5:50 — Clothes 👕👖👟 6:00 — School bus is here! 🎒🚍 Arriving to school.. 🚸 Y/N: walking to lockers Y/N: Where is my Science book..? Oh.! Here it is. 😅 BELL RINGING !1! Y/N: Oh shoot..! runs to class 😮‍💨 Mr.Williams: Hey Y/N! the class. Y/N: Thank you teach. Whats our lesson today?? Mr.Williams: Life Cycle of humans kiddo. Y/N: Oh ok teach, thanks for the info! runs to seat Bestie: Hey bestie booo anything up your aurs?? Y/N: Nothing.. Bestie: Awhhh.... 😔 Y/N: Yet..! Bestie: YASSS!!! Into the lesson Mr.Williams:..And thats how women have their period. Any questions? Everyone: No teacher. Mr.Williams: Ok the- BELL RINGING !1! Mr.Williams: Okay class, class is dismissed! Benjamin: HoW aBoUt ThE hOmEwOrK??? Mr.Williams: Oh! Thanks Ben, Assigment on page 34-37. Everyone: OH COME ON BEN!!! After school Y/N: Lets go to McDonalds, Its still 2:45, and my oarents pick me up in 4. Door bell rings Cashier: Hello welcome to McDonald's what would you like? Menu: Hamburger 1.99 🍔 Fries 2.00 🍟 Soda 5.99 🥤 Spaghetti 6.00 🍝 Mc Flurry 16.00 🍦 Ice Tea 3.99 🧉 Salad 6.99 🥗 Boba 10.99 🧋 Juice 1.00 🧃 Add-ons: 💲FREE💲 Ketchup Mayonnaise Mustard Ranch Napkins Y/N: I will have the Spaghetti and fries maam. Ooh.! And also the boba tea. Cashier: Ok young lady, your order will be here soon. After a while Waiter: Here is your order maam. Have a McGood day! Y/N: Heh... thanks. Old man: Hey beautiful, mind if i sit here?? Y/N: Sir there are other empty seats. Old man: ... (ok bish) Y/N: (yas that old hag is gone 😚😘🤭🥰😍) A few minutes later Y/N: Ok im done now, lets go home. 🏡 🚲 Y/N: Ma.! Whats for dinner? Y/M: Mashed potatoes sweetie. Y/N: Ok.! Y/N: Ok lets change my clothes now. 👕🩳🧦 Y/N: Ok imma watch YT. NeVeR dO a MeSsY-
    What an interesting journey through food history! Never thought much about how prison, school, and McDonald's meals have evolved over the century. The prison food seems like quite an experience.
  • A mi me gusta mucho los videos de brent y los videos de su hermana lexi
  • @AAvfx
    As a family we used to eat fast food a lot, until we started with home cooking, and caring for our health. Facts. Happy 2024.
  • Pierson,Liv,and Lexi really rocked their roles 😂😂❤❤❤🎉
  • @MsTina-mg9qx
    It's funny when she said update and put it into the tunnel put it to the edward😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • The 1970s are my also favourite because they sell McDonald’s