$10,000 Every Day You Survive In A Grocery Store

Published 2023-12-02
I didn’t expect him to stay that long
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All Comments (21)
  • @MrBeast
    make sure to buy feastables at your local grocery store
  • @TheNinjaFam
    This has to be one of the most creative ways to give charity, while entertaining the world.
  • @emeraldodi5187
    Alex was an amazing contestant. He made this so much fun to watch.
  • Alex definitely needs to come back. He is so smart at giving away items everyday that make up 10k
  • @_totallybrown
    You gotta respect this man. He randomly donates to people and charities and he puts himself through suffering just for our entertainment.
  • @lilyli6052
    Give him another chance ,he deserves it for making all of those challenges.
  • @futcrunch
    The storytelling in this videos is getting insane! well done to the team
  • @user-nc6fx6ts3w
    dude, this makes me feel so much emotions, he's creative but misses his family, its, art
  • @Maxx94
    This is by far my favorite episode and challenge this was great!!!!!! And Alex was extremely smart of how he built so many things and sold certain things he really had a game plan!
  • @user-sz9ir4gj7l
    Alex is probably the smartest person you ever had on this channel we needed him back
  • @R0xetFitness
    This has to be one the most creative ways to give charity, while entertaininig the world.
  • @filipcza
    Damn, Beast knows how to keep people watching until the end.
    This was really interesting to watch, from money point of view and psychologically, how will alex keeps his sanity.
  • @xsjsgncugh
    Creative, competent, entertaining, man deserves it.
  • @Bloodpix
    The poor mans goes to a grocery store now and just knows every price tag off the beat.
  • @Forsakianity
    glad to see someone actually compitant doing a challenge
  • man alex is a crazy good dad, he puts his earned money to good use, he cares about his family, hes fun, hes smart, and what else could you say?