Remaking Popular Fast Food Meals (ft. Nick DiGiovanni)

Published 2023-03-31

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  • @rug
    if this video made you hungry, subscribe for me :)
  • @Summerrain691
    The fact that nick cut things blindfold with on is incredible and impressive and I give credit
  • @satec_
    RIP to People that is fasting 😢😅like me
  • @arhummughal1334
    Sound of chicken crisp. OMG I loved it. I already feeling hungry 😃
  • @anzobuzz8181
    Nick has such a sweet and introverted shy personality and we’re here for it👏👏❤
  • How could Noah get it wrong the one rug made should still be warm 😂
  • @xlashblast
    You’re no long faZe rug… you’re no longer faZe chef… you’re uncle Rug
  • @BrycenPlays12
    Bro the fact my guy did that blindfolded is godly
  • @satec_
    I hope you have an amazing day after watching rug ❤
  • @itzkirk
    Idk why but it cracked me up when Nick is just casually sautéing onions with a blindfold 😂😂😂
  • @corrupted4584
    So happy you shared this beautiful dad and son moment with us!💀💀
  • @Zoeloveee
    Any one else watching this while there fasting
  • @bilalzafar5395
    YESS!!! This is the collab I've been waiting for!! Keep up the great work, Rug!!