I Survived 100 DAYS of Real Life LAWS in Minecraft

Published 2022-11-24
Escaping LEVELS 1 to LEVEL 100 by Breaking GOVERNMENT Rules in Minecraft Hardcore! Can you believe what happened on Day 69?!

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All Comments (21)
  • Oreo Balboa
    Can’t believe that he actually bought a house permit😂
  • End3r132
    his scary survival was really good
  • Elyja Yabes
    There are no one owning temples so technically you can loot them
  • Riley
    Ethan in 2045:I’m going to break all laws in real life
  • DogsRBest
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂good job Jordan keep on going
  • Fox Friend
    I have been staring at the screen waiting for Eystreem to post another video.
    Never disappointed us with his content ☻
  • Ian Ollivier
    Can we just appreciate he’s videos that take so much effort
  • *momma*
    do you know why you don’t go to jail in original minecraft? Because you already have them
  • Dexidocs
    Imagine if Ethan done this. He would DEFINETLY BREAK a LAW!
  • Buddy Fanning
    Monday to Saturday means all day except Sunday meaning he broke the law
  • sushama biju
    How did he get a boat without wood 😂😂😂😂
  • Thurkka Devi
    Parole officer: focuses only on eystreem to find laws that he breaks. Eystreem, finds laws to make parole officer break.
  • ItsJustLeviCode
    If firelight actually called 911 on eyestreem that’s messed up
  • Marius Ching
    I like how the point of this video is jordan and ethan reading real life guides or laws
  • Dinotaim
    Jordan and Ethan casual seeing a pink sheep at 10:38
  • Zeneon Omega
    I’ve learned a lot of laws in this video.
  • Ty Ingram
    That was so satisfying to see Ethan crumble 😁