I Survived 100 DAYS of Real Life LAWS in Minecraft

Published 2022-11-24
Escaping LEVELS 1 to LEVEL 100 by Breaking GOVERNMENT Rules in Minecraft Hardcore! Can you believe what happened on Day 69?!

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  • Actually Ethan isn't a parole officer so technically he's impersonating a cop.. second he destroyed a whole village which is a crime as know as terrorism.. so add up those days and he'll be in mincraft jail for some time and if he does try to break out of prison he have more time in jail
  • @thegreatchaos13
    They say that Ethan is still running from the actual police to this day.
  • @catty8507
    Somehow Eystreem found a shipwreck close to the water surface and found like 5 other shiprecks in a Minecraft day.
  • On Mid-Day Sunday, if you CAN’T prove that someone’s wearing pink pants, they’re not legally obliged ANYTHING.

    Edit: If you follow someone for > 90 days/3 months, you’ve committed a FELONY against the government.
  • @RinKuvaplayz07
    Great video, though it doesn't matter where you go. Every country, state, or place requires you to get a fishing licence before you can fish anything or it is illegal.
    Jordan could’ve just told Ethan that he was asking the pillagers for their permission to cut wood
  • Parole officer: focuses only on eystreem to find laws that he breaks. Eystreem, finds laws to make parole officer break.
  • @dexidocs1715
    Imagine if Ethan done this. He would DEFINETLY BREAK a LAW!
  • @apollosworld_x
    World Record: EYstreem - for the first person to sabotage the government
  • @Tytyjedi
    That was so satisfying to see Ethan crumble 😁
  • @LegoAndrew08
    Ethan: I’m always watching Wazowski. Always watching.
    Librarian: Always watching.
    Me: Always watching.
  • @Isaiah-fun-games
    at 4:33 he could’ve just used a ax and it would’ve been perfectly fine because if they are better than swords