I Broke LEGO Fortnite

Published 2023-12-08

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  • @LazarBeam
    I did not sleep since lego came out so i could film and edit this... and its still only 9 minutes :)
  • @Jakerton
    Other streamers: crying when friends blow up their house

    Lazar: Builds his own house just to blow it up
    I Love How Much Work He Puts Into His Videos ❤
  • @TimeBucks
    This felt like an old lazarbeam video
  • The fact that Lannan is happy and healthy enough to do uploads so quickly really brings me joy! Really gives early Lazar vibes!
  • @mariomaster973
    The fact that the Lego mode came out 2 days ago proves that Lazar can make videos in that time frame.

    We’ve caught him.
  • @Azur_eee
    I find it hilarous that Lazar can screw around with literally anything his heart desires.
  • Your creativity in this Lego Fortnite video is off the charts, just like the designs in ytgw0010. Truly inspiring work!
  • @PhoenixAce64
    Hands down one of the best gamemodes we’ve gotten
  • @remi_dadude
    6:49 what are the chances he gets hit by a random flying 1x1 tile lmaoooo
  • @Eppsi
    1:07 Always love the Ceeday references.
  • @user-rb6vm7iw3b
    Lazar never fails to break any game within 12 hours of its release
  • Lazar complaning about ceeday not uploading with his upload schedule is criminal
  • I love the way Lannan just stops playing for like a year and instantly gains 1.4 million subs😂❤
  • @cobro9950
    It’s a good year when lazar breaks something😂
  • @TK_Prod

    - [00:00] 🎮 Introduction to LEGO Fortnite Gameplay

    - Overview of LEGO Fortnite gameplay mechanics.
    - Gathering resources, building structures, combat, and character recruitment.
    - Gameplay similarities to Minecraft with Fortnite LEGO characters.

    - [01:12] 🏹 Preparing to Defeat the Hardest Boss

    - Gathering essential items like weapons, armor, and resources.
    - Emphasis on the significance of chickens for key resources.
    - Initiating the quest to defeat the game's toughest monster, the big Rhino.

    - [02:23] 🦏 Battling the Hardest Monster

    - Engaging in the intense battle against the big Rhino.
    - Highlighting the difficulty level of the monster's attacks and the need for strategy.
    - Celebrating the victory and gaining a deeper understanding of the game's challenges.

    - [03:37] 💥 Exploring Creative Mode & Experiments

    - Showcasing the creative mode with unlimited resources and abilities.
    - Exploiting loopholes to initiate unexpected PvP and showcasing various experiments.
    - Exploring destructive experiments, like explosive chain reactions and NPC manipulation.

    - [06:17] 🧱 Building and Destruction Challenges

    - Attempting to create the biggest ramp and testing its impact.
    - Demonstrating unintended consequences, like the accidental domino effect.
    - Exploring the game's limitations, building restrictions, and physics engine challenges.

    - [08:22] 💣 Attempting the Ultimate Explosion

    - Building up to the largest explosion possible within the game's limits.
    - Facing challenges with the server, TNT limits, and unexpected pauses.
    - Concluding with the culmination of the experiment, despite the server's survival.

  • @chinaauwu
    Always gonna be a good day when Lazar uploads 🔥🔥
  • @Poizi
    Lazar uploading is truly the highlight of the decade.