Turning my Worst Enemy Into my Strongest Ally with One Minecraft Mod

Published 2023-09-17

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Massive thanks to ‪@diansu4403‬ for the assets, and ‪@amymialee‬ for their help with the code!

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All Comments (21)
  • @Luxintrus
    Guys, we did it, this is the first RAT video where he doesn't commit international warcrimes, but instead inspires others to commit them. I'm so proud of him :)
  • @TheVoidManager
    the utter panic in his voice when he first tries to make the chain for the anchor is so perfect. "why are you even wider?!?"
  • @boxheadboiii
    Rat: "I made a giant airship to kill a bunch of people!" Blake: "I staged a masquerade to kill a bunch of people!" Lux: With this treasure I summon...
  • Can we all agree that Lux's speech was actually awesome? "While you might be able to take life, I can bring it back" has the be the MOST BADASS one-liner I've ever heard.
  • @Kiwi-fl8te
    The irony of an anchor being a mobility item is too good
  • @VVen0m
    I love how rat and lux went from being biggest enemies, to rat going back towards a room full of wardens to attempt to make a hole that would allow her to escape certain death. It's genuinely really sweet.
  • @ThePuff18
    I think the coolest part about the Anchor is that, if they play it smart, your enemies can use it to their advantage. Say, for example, they trick you into hitting you with it, and it sends you into a vantage point.
  • @drewhargrove296
    I think It's funny that when Fawley is doing the interlude after Naudilux there's a sea slug in a jar in the background, and it's never mentioned.
  • @diansu4403
    Not pictured: Rat forcing me to dive to steal rusty anchors off passing cargo ships for Lux
  • @derpzones
    Outside of the lore, the fact that Rat just makes these super cool mods for his friends all the time is super sweet
  • @beanman9760
    Update idea: add a button where it reels the anchor back in so you don’t have to walk over it to pick it up so you can effectively glide with an elytra
  • @sm1dg392
    Let’s remember, the reason this weapon exists, is because of a series of events that all trace back to some dude in white hair was too lazy to mine netherite
  • I love when doctor4t said "turining my worst enemy into my strongest ally with one minecraft mod" and proceded to turn his worst enemy into his ally with one minecraft mod. Truly astonishing.
  • @user-ph3zl7gf3q
    I feel like an anchor blade would actually improve the game quite a lot because it would make copper actually useful and would be great for travelling through the Nether, the End and caves as well as trees
  • @mr.thekid3827
    Honestly Seeing Lux's reaction to getting the anchor and immediately starting to play around with it was really awesome, and seeing their little Warden Revival trick was absolutely crazy Here's to hoping Blake DOESN'T just make another mod to go out of their way to try to kill everyone on the server (Spoiler Alert: He most likely will)
  • “Lux I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this but…” changes skin “I hope you’ve prepared… because it’s time to see if you violated any osha regulations” made me think there was gonna be another outburst of fighting but that caught me offguard😂