Selena Gomez on New Single Love On, Steve Martin & Martin Short & Return of Wizards of Waverly Place

Published 2024-02-23
Selena talks about being obsessed with Kurt Cobain, her new single Love On, the lyric about steak tartare getting a lot of attention, hearing a song of hers on the radio for the first time, making Only Murders in the Building, her relationship with Steve Martin and Martin Short, Steve not knowing who Dua Lipa is, falling asleep to How I Met Your Mother, awkward waving at Jason Segel at the Emmys, announcing a recreation of Wizards of Waverly Place, having a LOT of Instagram followers, and Selena takes a photo with a special ed teacher and his sister to prove to his students.

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All Comments (21)
  • @yours_stevie
    She's such a humble, down to earth and kind person... You just don't meet often this kind of people in the industry! She really deserves all the love and support she's getting in this world!!
  • @AlphaNiner-yk8kh
    the "we could talk about that later" was genuine I'm pretty sure, Selena is so wholesome!!!
  • @JL-zn7me
    She finally looks genuinely HAPPY! Much deserved! She stunning and just glowing!
  • @emixze
    Lmao imagining Benny being the chill guy he is and nonchalantly saying “she falls asleep to you every night” is so funny to me 😂
  • @ScarlettJ1221
    Naturally will always be one of my favorite songs by Selena
  • @GriBlanco
    It’s ironic that when she dated JB she had no interest in talking about him in interviews, but those were the questions she was asked the most. And now that she’s dating and actually willing to mention her boyfriend, no one asks. She seems very happy now, but not as confident as she used to be when she was a teenager. But glad to see her genuinely smiling again.
  • love how she’s so beautiful on the inside that there’s barely any comments talking about her appearance because her beauty just radiates from within. So much to say about Selena, such an incredible individual.
  • @ScarlettJ1221
    I'm so happy that Selena is happy, such a stunning Queen
  • @souleyes7467
    She just gives off sweet, lovely, cute and joyful vibes and it makes me feel comforted and joyful
  • Selena Gomez is so prettyyy this song is fireeee her and her music will always be iconic the queen never stops ✨
  • @Linda-nx2kw
    the amount of charisma she has it's impressive
  • She’s so effortlessly funny, it’s really great to watch. You can really tell she loves comedy and have been exposed to a lot of that growing up
  • @vjairo1221
    I may be a lil tipsy at the moment but I hate how every time she’s on an interview she gets associated with anything from the past but I love what she’s doing NOW. I’m genuinely obsessed with what she’s doing now. And who she’s becoming. I want nothing but the best for her in the future 🔥🖤❤️‍🔥
  • @KirbyBinks
    She’s so naturally funny. I really hope the wizards reboot happens soon. Alex Russo was the character that made me fall in love with her. Her comedic timing has always been incredible.
  • @ScarlettJ1221
    What is a Dua Lipa? Selena: an Icon The Audience: crickets
  • @S.Shea2432
    Selena Gomez is so Beautiful, & Humble. She's THE BEST!! 😍💜💜
  • @kayyemess
    She’s so normal, it’s so refreshing. I love her! In 5th grade (2010ish) she responded to my flat Stanley and I still have it 😂♥️