Shundo Bellsprout Caught! Another Galarian Bird But... Did we catch it? (Pokémon GO)

Published 2024-04-21
It's Bellsprout Community and we caught a SHUNDO! We meet the community in Altomonte Springs and have a great time! Plus the Trainer Club was there as well!

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All Comments (21)
    Found a 0 14 14 shiny bell yesterday, exactly what I needed for PvP!
  • @HunterDay2009
    Another amazing video congrats on the shundo my com day was great it was my birthday I got 31 shinys and I finally got to meet you so thanks for making my day a whole lot better❤️❤️❤️
  • @RuanAntunes7
    Another Shundo? You are really racking them up like nothing these days
  • @Vroakzy
    I got my first shundo this community day. It was a wild shundo bellsprout!!!
  • @AzecVibz-fh4kq
    Dude got the shundo hacks. Also did u know that 4/20/2024 is 4/20/2024 backwards?( and bellsprout is the 69th Pokémon >:)
  • @5050Outdoors
    Hopefully I get to meet you when we come down to Florida in may. Been watching since 2022 and congrats on a shundo man.
  • @jcl.3628
    wow jt valor a shundo again! congrats!
  • @TrishaKae1
    Bellsprout is my favorite shiny pokemon. Congrats on the Shundo!!!!
  • @lui4002
    NEW JT VIDEO JUST DROPPED! Let’s gooooo!
  • i said this on your last vid but my first ever shundo was from the bellsprout community day! thats so cool that you got one too! :D
  • @tkirbs4711
    Absolutely love to see more organic interactions TTC, seems like such a genuine dude. Congrats on your perfect IV shiny sprout! If you keep it a sprout, it's a 4* #69 caught on 4/20!
  • @TurboFish
    You look healthy and happy buddy! Keep it up! Congrats on the shundo! Great to see a local Chicago guy out there too! Aaaaand IVAAAAANNN!!!