All Stretch Armstrongs Have the Same Weakness at 2000FPS - The Slow Mo Guys

Published 2022-08-31

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  • I can only imagine what it would've been like if the toys from Toy Story looked out the window towards Sid's house and saw these two doing this to poor Stretch Armstrong. xD
  • So awesome to see this happen in that sweet sweet phantom footage, loved this!
  • @kurtjmac
    Stretch Armstrong is 46 years old, you'll have as much trouble controlling your bladder at that age after drinking that much water! Classic Gav & Dan silliness in this video, can't wait for the next!
  • The "discovery" was absolutely hilarious. I noticed that in the slow mo the first times around. I think it's because the ink used very slightly weakens the rubber material.
  • I would love to see a "Dan's revenge" series where Gav is the one doing all the stunts for a change 😀
  • @garyweber8201
    I'm betting that they use a syringe to fill it with the gelled corn syrup, and that's the point of weakness when it's stretched to the limit.
  • Dan holding a water logged Stretch Armstrong toy like a teddy bear was the last thing I expected to see lol.
  • @1.4142
    Whoever made stretch armstrong must have been waiting for someone to discover this.
  • When I noticed it I was so much hoping that you guys are gonna watch it again to focus on the leaking hole, absolutely awesome
  • @kingofbudokai
    I actually did have a stretch armstrong as a kid (He did not look like the one you have now, he was 15" tall and had a black shirt on.) And I actually pulled and stretched it so much that it ripped open a little bit and that's how I found out they had that thick, sticky, syrupy stuff inside to give it that unique tactile feeling it had. It was an extremely satisfying toy to play with. One of the all time greats.
  • Just had an idea for a video- woodwork on a lathe. It spins fast, chips fly everywhere, and I’d be very interested to see how exactly the wood breaks up during the process
  • Honestly, this feels like an early 2010s YouTube video and it’s giving me so much nostalgia.
  • When I was a kid, I had a Stretch Armstrong. My younger brother and I wanted to see how far we could stretch the guy. At the top of the stairs was a landing that overlooked the stairs. My brother sat on the landing and held Armstrong’s hands while I want to the bottom of the stairs and grabbed his feet. Just as I started to swing, Armstrong ruptured on his side, from his elbow to his hip. That slimy sticky goo went everywhere: in my hair, on my face, and into the carpet on the stairs. It was a disgusting mess and great fun.
  • @imbwildrd3693
    The music coupled with the anticipation of the 'leak' and then the crescendo when it erupts is quite satisfying, and freakin' hysterical!
  • @SolidGamer92
    That third one was epic. The suspense, the sound track, the slow-mo! Brilliant! ♥
  • This is the kind of high quality informative content I watch YouTube for.
  • As I recall, the original Stretch Armstrong dolls were significantly larger than the modern ones. Also, this would be a fascinating physics demo. Thanks guys!
  • @baimun
    I would suspect that the weakness is caused from the injection of the blue coloring into the mould.
  • @amywoolner99
    I'm so glad Gavin noticed that in editing. I noticed it immediately and cry laughed for about 10 minutes
  • @drawnin6330
    You never fail to crack me up, but that final pee with the triumphant music was just glorious.