400 MPH Bowling Ball to the Dome with @howridiculous - The Slow Mo Guys

Published 2023-11-16
Gav and Dan go to Montana to meet up with Brett and Scott from @howridiculous. A collaboration 12 years in the making between 4 people who don't live in Montana!
Check out their video here -    • How Many Trampolines Stop A 540mph Bo...  
Give this one a miss if you're slightly squeamish.
Massive shoutout to @BealsScience for the cannon work.
Filmed at 82,000FPS
400 MPH Bowling Ball with How Ridiculous - The Slow Mo Guys

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  • @howridiculous
    Great to hang with you lads, so much fun. Let’s go again in 2024!
  • @GalacticGroovin
    It really puts into perspective of what canons through history did to people. It’s awesome and terrifying all at once.
  • @Taitou25
    Gav, that editing for the repeat impacts w/ the speed dropping rapidly at 9:10 was SO GOOD.
  • @kuzter1737
    I am just really happy that the slo mo guys are still pulling big numbers!
  • @Dusty2455433
    Frame by frame at 4:23 you can see a flash when the bowling ball impacts the head!! I love that phenomenon
  • @JFlatby
    A decade later and Gav and Dan are still out here making "various explosions" lol
  • @dogcarman
    Now imagine being on a battlefield during the Napoleonic wars and having whole batteries of cannons firing high speed iron balls at you as you walk forward. This was a very good demonstration of why cannons make a mess of infantry formations.
  • @Albukhshi
    So for those wondering:

    400 mph is ~180 m/s. That's roughly how quickly a cannonball would be traveling mid-flight in the 18th and 19th centuries. The destruction is a good match for some period accounts too: There's a story of two French captains who hated each other. At the battle of Vellinghausen, a cannonball decapitated one man, and a piece of the skull put out the other captain's eye.

    So seeing all those pieces scattered so far, just gives a sense of the destruction a cannonball can do.
  • @user-ex2yr3ng5b
    Hope you guys enjoyed your time here in Montana!. That was somehow considerably more brutal than I thought it would be.
  • @railgap
    Imagine how many more troops an iron canonball might travel through before stopping. Imagine the terrain surrounding the cannons has been groomed to exactly match the ballistic path of the cannon balls. Balls deep.
  • @mikelombard21
    The banter between the boys has been great every video with you all colabing. Love these cross over vids. Hope for many more.
  • @johnoconnor4941
    There's Brett's knowledge of the human body, Gavs tech precision and Dan's explosive expertise. And Scott.
  • @jdjr3640
    This is an an entertaining but also interesting look into canon physics.
    Makes you really appreciate soldiers that actually went up against canons,
    considering it could shred half a dozen men in formation instantly.
  • One of the greatest and most wanted collabs I'd say. So happy to see intense slow motion with the ridiculous nature of breaking things, match made in heaven.

    What I was not expecting was the absolute brutality of seeing a bowling ball smash a skull into shards, I'm getting a headache just watching it smash them.
  • @cyc0punk
    Lets just appreciate how over the years, Dan has gotten in better shape. Seriously good job
  • @TK-th9vu
    It's hard to quantify just how gratifying that was to watch. Helps to imagine what the battlefields were like when humans had to sustained heavy cannon fire. Blood and body bits blown everywhere. That would have been far more gruesome and impossible to forget seeing.
  • Forget who has the most followers, collab with ballistic high speed!
  • @FranklyiDrum
    “Okay so hear me out, two Aussies and two Brits walk into a massive open field with a bowling ball canon” 😂
  • @lorenzosegote
    The four of you should do ALL of your videos together. Brilliant and hillarity all around.
  • @vr-vik5660
    Pure Napoleonic realism level here!! Those battles were gruesome and yet so legendary! Now I have a better understanding of the ordeal Marshall Lannes had to face when he saw a good friend of his being literally decapitated by a cannonball, only to follow a similar fate when another cannonball ricocheted and destroyed his leg, eventually killing him after a sad, agonizing death...What a man!!
    No wonder why the Emperor himself cried profusely the death of one his best friends/ Marshalls, but also one of the best military geniuses of all time!! RIP, brave Marshall Lannes!!