What North Korea Doesn’t Want You To See | Super Users

Published 2022-09-21
Blogger Jacob Bogle often receives this warning, “State-sponsored actors are attempting to hack into your account.”

It’s all because he’s created the most detailed publicly-available map of North Korea, revealing details the totalitarian state would rather the rest of the world didn’t have.

What started off as a two-month summer project, has now turned into a decade-long endeavour, with over 64,000 entries. Jacob’s forensic analysis has been vital in exposing what’s really going on in the world’s most secretive country.

In our series Super Users, VICE World News explores the latest technology being used to fight crime, trafficking, climate change and social injustice.

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All Comments (21)
  • Towed Array
    Google Earth is literally one of the best pieces of software ever made in my opinion. It was cool how that guy used it to do amazing research. What a cool video.
  • wakka chaka
    I went on a rabbit hole about Google earth in NK awhile ago and found this guys site. He deserves way more credit for the work he's done. Google should integrate it into their official maps.
  • This young man is a national treasure. We have so many like him that are fighting our modern war and they often get overlooked as less important than the battlefield soldiers. His work will one day save millions of lives. Well done sir.
  • Crystal Gibson
    I am lucky enough to know Jacob Bogle and I am not surprised that his work keeps getting noticed. He is a spectacularly intelligent person and I look forward to more of his excellent research.
  • Towed Array
    These Vice videos are NUTS, quality-wise. Some of the best content I can think of are all Vice videos. This is dripping with hard work, good editing- just awesome. Typical of Vice but still worth noting and thanking them. So - thank you Vice team. Another boomshot here.
  • Glad Vice is returning to the kind of content that made them so interesting in the first place
  • okiesoko
    If they are trying to stop you, you are doing something right!

    This is an awesome documentary! ❤️ I’m originally from South Korea and my heart breaks for the North Korean people and the things they go through. I pray for their freedom.
  • Dan Dasilva
    Honestly props to this guy! He seems to love what he does (hobby or not). But also important work that somehow, someway will eventually be useful to some nation. Double win for him. You can see his enthusiasm when he destined 7,000+ hours working on this (let alone mapping the entire landscape haha). Cool to see someone doing what they love while making a super important impact at the same time.
  • Slick Rick
    I love you guys at Vice. Thank you for this amazing groundbreaking content! Your hard work is much appreciated. And thanks to Jacob for telling us his story
  • Maria Hotgirl
    what an amazing guy
    he deserves an award for all his hard work
  • TruthSeekr
    Very impressive Documentary. I would like to see a longer version of this.
  • Matthew Moreno
    Duuuuude a couple of weeks ago one night I saw one of the old North Korea documentaries they made and it hooked me, I ended up watching all those videos that night(about7-8).They were amazing. Say what you want about vice but at the end of the day they are capturing stories all over the world in such a manner that large media companies could never do
  • Brad
    When vice drops content like this it makes me reminiscent of the old days, keep it up!
  • I feel bad for the ppl of North Korea. I have so many things that I take for granted here in the US. I believe it helped to handicap me. I don’t take advantage of a fraction of things that I have access to. Seeing ppl needing the things that I seemingly don’t care about really opens my eyes. I have to remember to be grateful at every step of the way all thru out the day.
  • This is so cool! This guy is doing important work but is he getting any compensation from the government? I feel like he should he’s doing so much for global security
  • Jhon Mamaril
    What a really brave man, disclosing secrets that puts his safety on the line.
  • MrBitviper
    what an amazing guy
    he deserves an award for all his hard work
  • LoneWolf8
    The dedication of this guy is something else. 30K pages?!
  • Don't Know if I should congratulate this Dude for his dedication or for his guts ... He seems to have both in ample supply ... The only thing he lacks is a thought for his own safety ... Great work 👍