"We just shocked the world": FDU reacts to stunning upset

Published 2023-03-17
FDU took down Purdue to become just the second 16 seed to knock off a 1 seed in the NCAA tournament, and they made sure to celebrate. Watch FDU's reaction to their historic upset here.

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All Comments (21)
  • CrmsnTyde 4ever
    How can ya not love the Head Coach?...Congrats to all of you FDU fans...History was made & you folks deserve all of the accolades that comes with it...Gotta love it
  • WP SN
    To put into perspective how much of an underdog FDU was, they lost basketball games to teams this year called "SIUE", "Longwood", "Hartford", "Queens", "Sacred Heart", "Stonehill", and "Central Connecticut". In fact, they didn't even win their conference. They only got invited to the tournament because the team that beat them in the conference final, called "Merrimack", was a D2 school so recently that their current conference contract didn't guarantee them an auto-bid if they win the conference until next year. And on top of all that, FDU already had to win a First Four game just to get to be a 16 seed against Purdue. To say "This is the biggest upset in tournament history" is an understatement. These young men (and their coaching staff) deserve all the credit in the world for somehow pulling this off.
  • Jerry Okonkwo
    I had Furman and Princeton reach the second round, resulting in a flawless bracket until Fairleigh Dickinson ruined it. My sister currently attends Fairleigh Dickinson for sports. My sister can share the experience that I had when I attended North Texas as a student in 2021 when our team stunned Purdue.
  • Water
    Historic... like winning a chip for them honestly. Soooo proud!!!
  • MB DG
    Many had Purdue out early… but not THIS early
  • abudabi1995
    “They told us we weren’t supposed to be here” love it
  • xphile01 xphile01
    Jamie Erdahl is a great reporter ...you can feel her emotion and connection to the game ...players and coaches during her interviews! ( first time seeing her)
  • Zenigundam
    UVA losing didn't surprise me because I always knew all it took was an athletic team to speed them up and expose their lack of relative athleticism. This was shocking. FDU does not have a single advantage over Purdue. The Purdue guards played horrendously considering all the offensive boards Edey gave them.
  • Andrew Blakeslee
    I saw FDU hanging with Purdue early and was thinking it could be like a Gardner Webb Virginia game. FDU has a nice little first half and it’s cool to be up at the half but then Purdue shows up and yeah. Then I saw the score with 10 minutes and Purdue still hadn’t pulled away. I decided to tune in with 3 minutes and wow
  • Tim O
    Wow, just wow! Great job FDU! Played like a TEAM. And the blocks were epic!!!
  • Johann baniqued
    That's awesome how Sean Moore mentioned my school when asked when he knew they could do this. In the very first game of the season, FDU had a two point lead on my Ramblers. It took a last second shot by Sheldon Edwards to send the game to overtime. That's when I knew it was going to be a long season for my school's team. At the same time, I thought there was no way FDU should have had a KenPom ranking of over 300 like they had.
  • Riccardo On
    Historic, this is why I love March madness
  • Kebrab
    This coach is amazing man! Salute coach you deserve it 🫡
  • Embur12
    #11 was jumping out of the gym with the blocks, and 19 pts when he scored 45 all season. Unreal!!!
  • Carter & Cam
    BRo with all of Thease upsets man,Princeton vs Arizona,Furman vs Virginia, and now Fair Dickinson. This has been a wild ride man,like no body is having a perfect bracket 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Cat lover
    Seeing player 1 for FDU skipping with joy just made me so happy
  • ddr111&?
    The way she grabbing bro💀
  • QBAN2010
    These were a couple of great post game interviews, she was great!!!