I Ate The World's Best Burger

Published 2024-05-11
I can't believe it tasted like that...

Thanks to all the restaurants that we featured in the video :)


Credit to the following channels!
• First We Feast - "How to Cook 2 Regional Fast-Food Burgers with George Motz"
• MotzFilms - "Hamburger America Trailer"
• UA Eats - "Is George Motz's HAMBURGER AMERICA Worth The Hype?"
• The RoboBurger - "Meet RoboBurger"

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  • @tylerpruitt231
    Hugo just seemed so excited that his burgers were going to be shown to a larger audience. I want nothing but the best for that man.
  • @SunnyMiniFood
    watching your videos makes me hungry every day 😂😂😂
  • Bro chef Hugo looks like such a genuine nice man. Want nothing but the best for him. ❤
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  • @SahelVakil
    I always love watching these videos because when I watch them he always makes me feel hungry and happy just seeing the food he's eating. As well as he gets to help me find different places to eat. Can't wait until you catch Gordon Ramsay and overtake him. Keep up the amazing content. Also can you make a video on the best pasta around the world.
  • @BeckyReid-hd1ji
    Such a well-researched and informative video! Looking forward to more!
  • @HanzalaAhmad_
    I love how at 02:58 the "burger expert" says says that burgers need to be simple without extra over the top ingredients like truffles or mac and cheese, but later on nick tries both those burgers 😭😭
  • @dreamfyre1811
    Nick: "the grill marks have so much flavor. They're not just for looks" Guga: Absolutely hates grill marks
  • @BroJohana
    I love watching your videos ... Keep up the good work, Nick! 🙏🙏🙏
  • @Rebbaca_catyXx
    George Motz's enthusiasm is just always a pure treat to watch on camera. You can feel the joy he gets out of somebody enjoying burgers and its history. ❤
  • @slinter1
    Holy shit! My old executive chef is now the executive chef at Gordon Ramsay Burger in Boston?!?! Congratulations AJ! That's awesome. If you ever see this, loved brewing beer with you man much love!
  • @kwaaaa
    George Motz's enthusiasm is just always a pure treat to watch on camera. You can feel the joy he gets out of somebody enjoying burgers and its history.
  • @y3ee3e
    how did it take this long to find this channel, when i watch so much masterchef and ramsay and other food channels like worth-it? anyways subbed, this is top notch content...nick took his masterchef appearance and has turned it into a juggernaut food social media influencer, very smart. thats how its done.
  • I love how one chef roast the mac and cheese burger and Nick eats it after. Gold
  • I had to pause just to say that I really admire how kind, fun, respectful and appreciative you are Nick, towards all the chefs/owner's and towards all their methods and creations and it was really nice seeing them reciprocate by being very welcoming and warm towards you.
  • I love these guys that keep the burger original yet probably the best ones on the vid keeping a goood burger just not over the top with all this crazy stuff is great they could even have other stuff that’s more like a cowboy burger or something but love how they perfect everything with the beef and toasted bun kudos to those guys
  • @user-ic8tu7hn1m
    Muchas gracias por visitar esos grandes lugares,gracias a ello pude saborear cada una de esas fabulosas hamburguesas mi paladar tubo un festín por tanto sabor wow estoy impresionado por ver tanto en un solo video GRACIAS “