Minecraft's Most Impressive Hardcore Worlds

Published 2023-11-29
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The most insane minecraft hardcore worlds ever, from acookiegod's 3000 day world to a 30000 day world. SUBSCRIBE

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Shoutout to those in the vid!
Cookie - @aCookieGod
Loony - @LoonyMC
Gkey - www.twitch.tv/gkey (He did NOT pop a totem on this hardcore world, the clip of him popping the totem is from a recreated replay during post production. His world is still totemless.)
Wunba - @Wunba
JamalMC - www.twitch.tv/jamal_
Linkzey - @Linkzzey

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  • @Sipover
    Download War Thunder for FREE and get your bonus! -- wtplay.link/sipover

    You pressed read more. Now you have to subscribe. I have even MORE bangers on the way
  • @Wunba
    Thanks for showcasing my world! It was really fun taking you around!
  • @LoonyMC
    Thanks for the visit! It was crazy to have someone else on there for the first time!
  • @nickerions
    Thanks to McYum for carrying this entire video, truly dedicated minecraft hardcore player
  • @gkey
    Thanks for the feature, was great to show you around!
  • @wemmbumc
    Thanks for showcasing my world Sipover! Was awesome to show you around!
  • @RadicalElder
    This is one of the first videos I've seen that showcases Jamal's insane world so thanks for that. He deserves everything. You pulled together a REALLY insane lineup for this one.
  • @JamalMC_
    Thanks so much for showcasing my Hardcore world it means the world to me. Was so fun showing u all the builds ❤️
  • @williamawct3271
    McYums hardcore world is by far the most impressive the dedication of 50000 days almost two years brings a tear to my eye
  • @KingSammelot
    Bro Wunba saying "It is spongebob!" made me laugh lmao huge props to everyone's insane dedication to their worlds!
  • I don’t often comment twice, but seeing how people take 1000 days to do stuff like this makes the Hermitcraft members seem insane. They’re actually next level
  • @animalmace
  • @Austin-nx4yn
    I am so glad to see Sipover back after all of this time...
  • @scouty-fr
    I didn't expect this to have such as wholesome ending
  • I really like how out of anything, the creeper is the main cause of near death experiences for these players.
  • @Me_4_ever
    Looney’s first hardcore world was 100 more impressive and beautiful and massive then his current one. Sadly he died 😢
  • @virus5600
    Those builds are insane! I can't even survive my first night in easy mode and they just go and build an entire reality dimension. Bruh, props to all those! That's some dedication right there!
  • @jefftheleaf239
    30,000 In game Days, 60,000 Minutes, 10,000 hours, and 416 Days. He spent more then a year in a Minecraft world.
  • @scouty-fr
    I can't believe the dedication required to do this and imagine the pain of losing all that hard work!