Minecraft, But Everything is Random!

Published 2020-08-02
We have items randomized in Minecraft and have to defeat the Ender Dragon. Watch the entire video for epic gamer moments and pro strats.

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All Comments (20)
  • Chris-“Are you ok Karl?” Karl-“I hate ketchup” Ketchup-“But what have I done?”
  • @chkns5815
    I wanna see MrBeast do an actual survival playthrough with Chris, Chandler and Karl, that would be sooo good.
  • @kkunec1
    I’m jealous that mrbeast gets that cool random drop mod 😮
  • @etkagokturk404
    I love Jimmy's videos, especially his minecraft videos. I would be very happy if you continue to post minecraft videos. There is really nothing more enjoyable than watching a game you can't play.
  • @skyli8520
    People: I hAvE nO frIEnds Karl: IM FRIENDS WITH EVERYBODY
  • @kimnganvu8682
    I wonder how jimmy could creat these kinds of challenges. How could we make it??
  • @justabeannn3965
    Nobody: Jimmy: “What happens if you kill a baby villager?”
  • @caviwhy
    "I'm just going to find flowers to pick" -Granny Karl 2020
  • @boupwnz
    i love chandler hes so silly
  • @cryptik2482
    Chris: What are you doing Chandler Chandler: A CHICKEN oh ok
    the "yeeehaww"😂😂
  • @jiyoungchoi3998
    For anyone wondering about the cobblestone dropping both iron and endstone, there are two types of cobblestone.
  • @naomidulac8204
    Even in Minecraft, Chris is a true boy scout, he lit he nether portal without flint and steel.
  • @Idknyuser
    Pro tip bed those most damage to dragons