Minecraft, but Lava Rises Every Minute!

Published 2020-08-17
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All Comments (20)
  • @SkyvoxYT
    Karl, Chris and Chandler have the luckiest job in the world.
  • @toritoruuu
    Chandler: Dies because he bravily battled Karl Chris: Dies because he mercilessly got killed by Jimmy Jimmy: Kills himself
  • @Sebastian-Miles
    Who agrees that this style of videos is better. The style of it just being a group of friends having fun together
  • @sploofie.
    “So you can get string for arrows?” -Chris 2020
  • @1nf1n1tenoob8
    Chandler is that type of person who would climb a glass wall to see what’s on the other side
  • I love how Chris didn't admit to have stolen the iron until the game had already ended XD
  • @havengrace7165
    Karl with his normal voice: Karl with a british accent: • ~ • fãñćy
  • @tigo9328
    Petition: for chandler to actually play Minecraft on his Island
  • @BrazenEdits
    Whenever Jimmy does videos with his friends, he punishes the loser. But when he does videos with strangers he rewards the winner.
  • @cclarke0786
    Karls got a FANTACTIC english accent bloody well done
  • @theinsanememes
    Chris: "I stole your iron" Jimmy: So you've chosen death
  • @pixelgamer120
    Nobody: Jimmy: misses a two-block jump Karl: hyena laugh
  • Well, Chris is honestly the only one who could've actually stolen Mr.Beast's iron
  • @aygian1176
    Real Life Minecraft on Chandler's Island. Edit: (To everyone replying about the no cutting trees rule) Its a Forest, a real-life one, there are gonna be dropped trees & twigs everywhere. Even whole trees that dropped from too much weight or if they got uprooted, so it'll probably be not much of a harm to the Island.
  • @miac9326
    SPOILER WARNING I love how Karl was the one suffering when Chris was eating the food
  • @salmo3551
    new life lesson: never steal jimmy's iron.