58 Minutes of Patrick Mahomes Highlights

Published 2024-05-02

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  • @jl4646
    This dude won a SB with one leg lol deserves some respect for sure
  • Patrick Mahomes has more highlights in one game than most quarterbacks have in a whole season. 😂
  • @tyreepowell8367
    Patrick Mahomes 1x Bert Bell Award 1x Sammy Baugh Trophy 1x Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year 1x Second Team All Pro🥈 1x NFL Offensive Player Of The Year 1x NFL Passing Yards Leader 2x First Team All Pro🥇 2x NFL MVP 2x NFL Passing Touchdowns Leader 3x Super Bowl Champion🏆 3x Super Bowl MVP 6x Pro Bowler
  • @bumorhoomer8318
    I'm smiling from ear to ear looking at these older highlights with The Legion of Zoom and I can't wait to see what we can do with Brown and Worthy.
  • @scruffd0g193
    It’s almost like old news now. Mahomes is the golden standard.
  • @povertyspec9651
    As a KC fan, when he threw 6 TD in the Pittsburgh game during the first season as starter, I said GAME ON BABY
  • @pkirkwood23
    GOD, that 2021 Divisional vs Buffalo was legendary. best game ever
  • @Castaliavt
    This dude literally makes everything look so easy.
  • @cypherchaos
    Been a Chiefs fan for over 3 decades and this has been the best time to be a Chiefs fan! All I wanted was a SB in my lifetime, now I’ve seen 3! Special times, special QB! More to come! Go Chiefs!
  • For those wondering, it's 58 minutes long because Mahomes was Super bowl 58 MVP. Hope this helps.
  • @sports3117
    Mahomeboy is going to Canton, Ohio. There’s nothing more to say
  • @LiamDeege
    Greatest QB in the league at the moment.
  • @rwa2play
    The best player in the game, period.
  • Chiefs season ticket holder for 20 years. Watching this guy every Sunday is incredible. Best player I’ve ever seen other than Brady, but on a different level. Love all the hate the Chiefs get too, just fuels this guy to win more. Keep hating, he’ll keep winning.
  • @johnmccann1960
    Patrick Mahomes just makes the Quarterback position look effortless, simple and easy. He really is a freak of nature. I think he is the most Naturally gifted Quarterback to ever play the game. The 2019 playoff run was just magical, you saw his skill and determination to win.