2023 Kansas City Chiefs Playoffs Highlights - SUPER BOWL LVIII CHAMPIONS!

Published 2024-02-20

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  • @jjcastilllo
    I agree with this being the toughest path to win the Super Bowl. Considering the WR struggling and their offence, led the league in drop passes and a lot of penalty, their defence is what kept them so dominate. They held the Dolphins to 7 points the whole game, didn't allowed the Bills to score in the fourth quarter and hold the best team in AFC of the Ravens to 10 points. Mahomes has proven why he is the best QB in the NFL right now. He show up in the big moments when he can.
  • @bro987
    Sneed, Jones, Edwards, McDuffie, Tranquill, Bolton, Reid, Omenihu, Nnadi, Gay, Karlaftis, Chenal. The elite of that lineup are Sneed, McDuffie, and Jones. The rest are just flat out studs. This is one of the best defenses ever. Wow.
  • This has gotta be the best defense we’ve ever had or at least one of the best
  • @jerryr3752
    Andy Reid's "Corndog" play will do it every time. He is the "Wizard King" of trick plays.
  • Grinning from ear to ear! I can't wait to watch Pacheco just get better and better. Threepeat? Would be sweet!
  • @collinmyers_
    As a true, born-and-raised chief in KC, we’ve suffered so much. But honestly, I was happy after last year and 2019. But this year’s playoffs were a different dilemma. I just witnessed the best player in NFL history, possibly ever. You cannot predict him. He has that ‘inevitable’ feeling.
    The guy ‘feels’ the game from beneath, like the matrix.
  • @Clerence999
    with all the hypes around Mahomes, I think he is an underrated leader. I don't think people realize that other than a generational talent, he is also a tremendous leader for that team.
  • @bradmorgan3797
    Going through a high powered offense in arctic weather. Going through the hottest team in the league. Going through the team with the best record in the league. And going through one of the most stacked teams in NFL history. Maybe the best Super Bowl run of all time. Maybe second best but still it was absolutely insane to watch.
  • @sammy9021
    Rice sure blew his football career with the racing debacle in Texas
  • @ambassador724
    Rice balled in the Miami game, forgot about how hard he did. Thanks for the upload
  • @Tigerjunky93
    That back hip ball placement to Kelce was gorgeous
  • @dfp_01
    Against the toughest-ever playoff schedule in NFL history, featuring 3 top-4 defenses (the Chiefs being the other) and 4 top-6 offenses, as well as the top 4 MVP vote-getters, this is what the Chiefs did:

    - Allowed 63 total points (15.8/game)
    - Allowed just 1,350 total yards of offense on 274 plays (4.93 yards/play)
    - Allowed a combined passer rating of 77.8 against 4 of the league's best quarterbacks (not counting the trick play by Jennings in the Super Bowl)
    - Allowed a combined 36.1% 3rd and 4th down conversion rate
    - Recorded 7 sacks, 6 turnovers, and 8 batted passes

    - Mahomes: 104/149 (69.8 comp%), 1,051 yards, 6 TDs, 1 INT, 100.3 rating, 5 sacks, 7.19 ANY/A, 23 rush, 141 yards (6.1/carry); 2 fourth-quarter comebacks, 2 game-winning drives, Super Bowl MVP
    - Kelce: 37 targets, 32 rec (86.5 catch%), 355 yards (11.1/rec), 3 TDs, 1 rush, 5 yards (5.0/carry); broke Jerry Rice's career postseason receptions record
    - Pacheco: 81 rush, 313 yards (3.9/carry), 3 TDs, 12 targets, 12 rec, 60 yards (5.0/rec), 1 fumble lost
    - Rice: 33 targets, 26 rec (78.8 catch%), 262 yards (10.1/rec), 1 TD, 2 rush, 5 yards (2.5/carry)

    Special teams
    - Butker: 8/8 extra points, 11/11 field goals incl. 2/2 from 50+; tied Adam Vinatieri's record for most 50-yard postseason field goals, broke the record for field goals in a single postseason, set the record for longest field goal in Super Bowl history
    - Townsend: 15 punts, 715 yards (47.7 yards/punt), 4 punts inside the opponent's 20-yard line
    - Muffed punt recovery set up the Chiefs' first touchdown of the Super Bowl
    - Blocked extra-point attempt kept the 49ers' lead at 3 late in the Super Bowl
  • @browniebro11
    Love the video, you did a great job editing this seasons playoff run. I was looking forward to this after the excellent videos you did for the previous two super bowl winning postseasons.
  • @davidandtom8238