100 Days - [Minecraft JUNGLE]

Published 2024-02-10
I survived 100 Days in the Minecraft Jungle, this is what happened...

Trapped in the Jungle, Luke TheNotable's only chance for survival is living in this land carefully. Will he? Find out now! Please subscribe that would be notable.

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  • Burning the jungle down to make space for a cow farm seems a bit too realistic for block game
  • @chicken
    "It was common sense."
    Its been that way for 3000 years, that line you've got has me up in tears.
  • 12:30 was just too wholesome. What a notable kid <3 I hope they grow up to be just as awesome!
  • @aundria7773
    20:23 The hard cut from peacefully traversing the jungle to “so obviously I’m doing some construction” and burning down everything in sight was priceless.
  • @TheUltraTeam
    Those damn chickens caused all the problems in the world. We can blame everything on them.
  • I wish the single biome world type allowed for a single biome category option. A jungle category world would have the jungle, the jungle edge, bamboo forest, and all the other types of jungles.
  • @miaaaseth
    What I really like about this video is that you take your time.
    So many hardcore youtubers just rush to get daimonds, netherite and the best enchantments.
    You just take your time and enjoy Minecraft. You just stay in iron armor and stone tools. You get your first diamond on day 77.
    There are really few players that take there time these days. Its always diamond armor on day 10, build a megabase as soon as possible, get the best enchantments. So its really nice to see you take your time❤
  • @Levyyy_
    "I'm not trusting the jungle, outside my walls it's dangerous. This is not a game."
    3:35 GOT ME DYING
  • @Dramatic.bee12
    I love how Luke in this video highlights all the slow beauties of this game. He explores, tries out new stuff the game has to offer, and does not force things he don't necessarily want to do. I appreciate how you focused on you overall having fun, rather than speeding through as others do nowadays. Awesome video
  • @Sea__Devil
    A list of video ideas for you!

    100 days Ice spikes
    100 days Ocean
    100 days Desert
    100 days adventure mode
    100 days non stop (no breaks inbetween play the whole 20 hours)
    100 days pre-classic, indev, infdev, alpha and beta
    100 days paper minecraft (2D spinoff of minecraft)
  • @jjrollins313
    Horace killing all the chickens suddenly just took me off guard but was my favorite Luke reaction 😂.
  • @Jeff.Turtle
    100 days Warm Ocean?
    Nether: Yes. "It is a VERRY warm ocean, of lava."

    This 100 days had a different feel to it. I liked it. Good job Sir. Luke.
    I’ve survived in the single biome « Jagged peaks » and I’d recommend you do too.
    it’s super hard at the beginning because there appears to be absolutely no wood but you might find a plan if you travel a while !
    But with enough determination it’s super satisfying to look at your land in the end and realize that you fought super hard for every resource, even the simplest !
  • Burning down the jungle for a cow farm? That's a whole new level of realism in Minecraft!
  • @fallsprig4581
    12:41 its always nice to see an established creator like luke interacting with his subscribers