Twice Performing 'MOONLIGHT SUNRISE' | Billboard Women In Music Awards 2023

Published 2023-03-02
Twice performing 'MOONLIGHT SUNRISE' at Billboard's Women in Music awards.

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Twice Performing 'MOONLIGHT SUNLIGHT' | Billboard Women In Music Awards 2023


All Comments (21)
  • @zxcvbnmll123
    First of all, the fact Jihyo’s mic wasn’t working angers me to no end. She was so professional and even sang louder which shows her talent and skill. But also the choreo is so sensual and playful! I’m glad we finally get to see the whole song! I hope they do a lot more performances of this song live!!!
  • @sahilbhallaa
    Only a leader can do this. Jihyo you are the best. Don't be upset. You did so well.
  • @jangmanwoelshotel
    Even tho Jihyo’s costume was uncomfortable for her and her mic didn’t work she still nailed it. And so did the other members they literally killed the performance there.
  • @kameleonardo5241
    Billboard, you only had one job. Bad audio, bad camera, bad lighting. Twice killed it even with all the bad tech issues. 😊
  • @tamaradelrio4653
    I love how Jihyo was like " You're gonna hear me." by singing louder so you could actually hear her a bit. so sad that happened and I know she must be frustrated but she along with all the other girls killed it!
  • @hatake.uchiha
    man i can't wait till the whole world knows about twice, they deserve this honestly, they're such a good group
  • @walker8284
    I’m so proud of Jihyo’s professionalism and overall TWICE’s performance. They deserve to be recognized. Congrats to the girls!
  • @shika4730
    Mina really kill this conceptt.. she is shining so brightly, can't take my eyes off from her. Her stage presence is so immensely improved
  • @user-js4sh4ix8v
  • @ahmeddanish1777
    Nayeon's highnote at the beginning literally gives me chills ❤
  • @thecautionless3587
    Twice being a representative of the GG's in Kpop for Women In Music really shows how relevant they are and their music to the whole Kpop Industry.I mean,no one is doing it like them.They are the most organic group in Kpop like Bts.They can dominate the world with their music and them being a legendary artist.
  • @joepeck3983
    Tzuyu was so gorgeous and elegant. Thank you the swert Billboard camerman who generously gave Tzuyu more scrren shots than she had in Korea!!!
  • @TheRayThai
    I really love how professional Jihyo is. You can hear she’s having mic problems but you wouldn’t be able to tell it by her face. She continues to smile and act like nothing is wrong and doesn’t let this issue stop her from putting on a show, a queen!
  • @jemeleedulay203
    Wow Mina is sooo elegant. Even with Jihyo's mic problem, Twice still made amazing performance. I love it! 👏👏😀😀
  • @itssmiley8380
    I'm so sorry they're all so dang pretty but I'm so captivated by jeongyeon's beauty from the whole clip 😭 despite of the issues they still brought an amazing performance 👏 congrats twice! 👏🤧 jihyo, you girl are so professional! ⭐ I can't stop watching it on repeat bye! 🤩
  • @feliciadm
    Being Once since 2017 is such a flex, congrats twiceee
  • @Beat__The__Ass
    I'm so proud of them, Twice did a really great job. Also Jihyo's mic wasn't working but she still sang louder and did her best , it just shows how professional she is
  • @user-cv4xq2pc2n
    걸그룹 1위, 빌보드 우먼 1위, 내셔널 GG 1위, 대상 19회 수상 1회, 일본 위트레드 어워드 1회, 탑 차트 9곡 , 2000세기 앨범 최다 판매 19회, 스포티파이 최다 스팀 2.8BM , 미주 1회 투어 1회 일본 스타디움 투어 1회 월드 스타디움 투어 세계가 시작될 때까지 버기스트 걸그룹 이벤트
  • @1EndlessDream
    Even though there were mic issues they still gave an amazing performance. So awesome that they got to perform on this stage, in front of Onces, and many other artists. Congrats to Twice!
    Nice how Jihyo handled the unfortunate audio issues, even in the livestream Billboard's having problems already with the audio..
    Amazing performance, catchy rhythm. Grats to the songwriters as well who made it possible!
    Lovely TWICE!
    Minariii, Sharon mode! 😍🤗🤟