NewJeans - "Super Shy" + "OMG" [2023 Billboard Music Awards]

Published 2023-11-19
#BBMAs #NewJeans #BillboardMusicAwards

NewJeans perform "Super Shy" and "OMG" at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.


The “2023 Billboard Music Awards” (BBMAs) celebrate music’s greatest achievements, honoring the year’s hottest names in music determined by year-end performance metrics on the Billboard charts. The BBMAs are delivering a reimagined award show concept that will entertain fans with music and exclusive content, including winner celebrations, behind-the-scenes moments, and performances created by the world’s biggest chart-topping artists. Performances and award celebrations will take place in global locations, in the midst of sold-out tours, and in custom venues – all with bespoke BBMAs creative.

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  • @ShotsAnimals
    A music video that breathes life into a song and paints a new realm before your eyes, akin to an enchanting journey through a world of colors and energies🎶
  • @lillninoo
    their stylist never ever disappoints
  • @mulfand7762
    Congratulations NewJeans for being one of the first kpop girlgroup to win BBMAS!!! So proud of you
  • @desti-yeet
    their live performances are always so unique and out of the box. i love that they switch up their songs so it doesn’t feel like you’re seeing the same thing over and over again ❤️
  • @livilovegood
    NewJeans- Первая женская группа, которая выступила на BMA! Они - легенды среди всех женских исполнителей❤🎉
  • @illyrianaa
    Now THAT’S how you do a performance! Bravo NewJeans, you showed everyone why you deserved the top k-pop artist award!
  • @sj8814
    They are the definition of monster rookie. Slaying hard since debut. Nationally internationally both
  • @BBT595
    진짜 이런 러블리한 케이팝 무대를 빌보드에서 한게 대단한 것 같음 보통 다 걸크러쉬컨셉만 해외에서 잘됐던거같은데
  • I love hearing the movement when they sing and dance!! New Jeans is definitely a group worth spending money on seeing them live❤️
  • 와 뭐야 무대세트 퀄리티 오졌다 진짜 그와중에 빛나는 뉴진스
  • @Jinee0027
    웰메이드 스테이지.... 국내 음방도 연출이나 무대 등 수준이 높게 준비한것으로 기억하는데 빌보드무대는 특히나 이에 걸맞은 고퀄리티 무대같다
  • @hrrtsy
    They’re all giving visuals, the makeup, the outfits, everything is on point!! Love these girls!!!!
  • @mandapanties
    I'll forever be obsessed with the OMG choreo.. it's such a laid back vibe I love it sm
  • I'm always amazed with their outfits , all raise to their stylist they really know how to make Newjeans shine 🤩🫶
  • @yk02lsv
    im so proud of everything they've done in one year after debuting, im glad to be in this moment while they continue growing 💞
  • @luisiana2942
    Let's go NewJeans, you are leading the 4th generation and with your beautiful voices and fresh music are becoming the future of k-pop!! Congratulations, I root for you!
  • @PurpleHaze4me
    They won the Top Global Kpop Artist award at BBMA. Congrats to New Jeans!
  • @honeyangeI
    the intro was sooooo iconic, this stage is probably one of my favorites i've ever seen <3333333