Buckskin | Western Thriller with a Twist~

Published 2021-09-02
(Western, Drama)
Not available on Netflix!

Set in 1820, a Texan fur trapper journeys into the mysterious Buckskin woods in the hopes of saving a lost young boy.

Director: Brett Bentman
Writer: Brett Bentman
Stars: Tom Zembrod, Robert Keith, Blaze Freeman

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All Comments (21)
  • This was such a good movie, I thought it was an old movie, because they don't make good movies like this anymore. But then I saw the date 2021, and I was blown away. Wow, how wonderful to know that there are still those out there making intelligent movies of substance and depth!
  • @creenation6609
    Very interesting movie from the start to the finish!!.. Sometimes the movies like this, are more better than the big box office movies. Thanks for sharing this great movie. 🦅
  • @rogerlane5890
    There's an hour and a half of my life that I'll never get back.
  • @danielcline7413
    Good plot but honestly building a fire every night while trying to hide out in the middle of hostile territory not very realistic for a seasoned trapper!
  • @markcrume
    Truly an unexpected gem. Bravo to cast and crew.
  • Well it shows what you can do with good actors , a story and good directing. A bigger budget would make for a better, effects and costumes and but not a better movie. Excellent work.
  • This one hooked me in pretty fast with it's solid acting, a very interesting central character, and a fascinating story that compels you to keep watching. I love a good period piece and this one is worth the time.
  • @NYFreeman
    Outstanding! Great job! Thank you for sharing with us a normal movie!
  • @tomdooley3522
    Excellent show , good to see a show about trappers , my great grandfather worked for Hudson Bay fur company., I was born a mile from the Hudson Bay Trading Post he worked from.
  • This is one helluva good movie. I was glued to this movie throughout right up to the end and I seldom watch a movie from beginning to the end without tasking a snack break or whatever. The soundtrack was equally awesome. I highly recommend this movie. This movie is one of those hidden gems.
  • @dominicmako9390
    The BEST movie by far to be produced in the last several years. Surpassing all MCU and DC films. TPUs give this film 15/10 stars and highly recommend it. Def Oscar worthy material in every category. A+++++++ film and hoping for a sequal!!!
  • @ahmadkazemi8728
    i know that i've watched it before, been quite some times since then, it's such a good movie that im gonna watch it again.
  • @GlobeHackers
    This is a top-notch independent film. The casting is spot on, and the acting is compelling. Production design, set decoration and design, scenography, properties, costumes, camera work, and directing are very well done. The whole production team, cast, and crew should be proud.
  • @lynnbowens1739
    Excellent movie! But it should have been called, "Don't go into the woods."
  • @C.E.Thomas1952
    A beautiful film. Thank you. I can see it is not for everyone.