Davido - If

Published 2017-02-17
Davido - If
Listen to/download 'If' here: smarturl.it/Davido-If?IQid=YT


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  • @bigbankroll3939
    If you're from Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, South Sudan, Sudan, Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo-Brazaville, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Angola, Niger, Senegal, Ghana, Gambia, South Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Botswana, Guinea, Benin, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Togo, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Chad, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Namibia, Lesotho, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Swaziland, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, São Tomé & Principe, Central African Republic. 👍🏽Like👍🏽 Edited: Oops Sorry 😞 I forgot this beautiful country called Mali 🇲🇱 (💚💛❤️)
  • When I go through the comment section, I just smile when I see some blacks all over the World now proud of their ancestry, because of successful Nigerian and African artistes. If it's image of kwashiokor children, flies, poverty and genocide, the denials of African ancestry will be swift "I'm not from there, No, I am (fill in the blank)..." welcome home to some of our brothers and sisters. Better late than never...theres a saying that success has many mothers...you know yourselves and if you feel the need to argue, argue with our collective ancestors cos I'm out 😁
  • @ekeneokeke8244
    “I will forever be grateful to Tekno. He brought me back on the top. My hit song, ‘IF,’ was entirely written by him. I didn't have a hit song for over a year. Then one day, Tekno called me and said, “Davido, I have a hit song for you ooo.’ I didn't take him seriously and was busy enjoying myself in a club. One day he called, then came to the club and dragged me to his house just for me to go and record that song. There is a Tekno version of 'IF,' but he decided to allow me to take the song, and that is how I came back with a hit song. I've never seen anybody want me to do a song like Tekno. Till today, I still call him to thank him for what he did for me back then. He's my brother” — Davido showers praises on Tekno for writing his hit song ’IF.’❤️ Tekno had the song already recorded but still called Davido to sing it with his own voice. You have to respect him for that. #sammycleffifeanyisblog
  • @jorikx129
    I am a Jamaican musician and have to say that its Nigeria's time for leading the music scene at the moment. They are far ahead of everyone else with music creativity. The songs are OH MY GOODNESS HOT! The beats are so creative and packed with excellence it keeps everyone hooked and dancing. The videos are out of the world! its the time for Africa. After all music and beats are in the DNA of Africa. I listen to nothing else now.
  • @94bondgirl
    Going to make it my wedding dance song.... and im not Nigerian, not even black but this song is beautiful. No matter if you're white, yellow, green alien whatever - this song is dope! Bless ( edit: thank you guys for the likes! wish you all lots of love)
  • @sonofBuzi
    From TikTok, a revelation is given by Davido; that this whole masterpiece is Tekno's work. He wrote and produced the song. RESPECT to Tekno.
  • I am Brazilian but I feel connected to the black people of Africa. Great song. Respect from Brazil. 🇧🇷
  • Glad Davido is on Black American radio in the south.He's a smooth brother who sings love songs to the ladies.We need something else other than gangsta and trap music,non singing and dancing thugs who disrespect women as the staple to Black music.
  • Davido greatest hit is if.... And am available. Who is still here 2024?? Love Africa.
  • My man is Nigerian and when he sings this to me I feel butterflies in my tummy. ❤️ Love from St Luica 🇱🇨
  • @Ghettoyoutt
    If you proud to be African let me see your hands up ✋🏾✋🏽🙌🏽🙌🏼🇿🇼🇿🇼
  • @joye5761
    Nigerians 🇳🇬 have been killing it for a very long time. 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
  • I think this is the first davido song i've listened 93 times... oh wait.. 94.. well damn.. 95 now..
  • @AuroraHenry302
    this song can never get old What a music right here a u t h e n t I c v i e w s dun took Davido oFf 2 da big leagues and for dat I will always be super grateful
  • This song is so beautiful I can't help but play it over and over, I pray 😇😇😇all words are positive due to the fact I only speak English ,the song is so mesmerizing and it does not help when your name is actually Shay😇😇 damn I love this song