Tekno - Pana (Official Music Video)

Published 2016-08-22

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  • 2024 anyone?❤😂🎉 This is still a banger This song deserves a billion views 😢
  • @vickyotie
    This isn't a song, this is a feeling
  • @Cryptolordoff
    I'm leaving this here so that anytime someone likes it , I'll come back and Listen to this masterpiece again ❤❤
  • We almost hitting 2024 and this song is still a banger 🔥🔥Good music don't die, they MATURE. PROUD TO BE AFRICAN frm Zimbabwe 🇿🇼
  • Thank you Nigerian for making african music too much better. Congrats from Morocco
  • @juice9100
    Black American enjoying music from our brothers in Nigeria
  • @nouamanemar2259
    Let’s be honest, YouTube didn’t recommend this to you. You actually came here by yourself to reconnect with the song
  • Yasssss naiji girl at heart !!!! Even though I'm not Nigerian love from US!!!!
  • I Don’t understand a word his saying but I’m vibinging. With it South Africa 🇿🇦
  • Ireland here 🇮🇪 love this song and love Nigeria 🇳🇬
  • @lilrog0909
    I heard this song at a West African braiding salon in the USA that I take my daughters to. I couldn't stop dancing I had to find this song. Big ups from your brothers and sisters in America.
  • I put my pizza closed to my speakers and it cooked 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥