Living with the Tesla Cybertruck So You Don't Have To!

Published 2024-03-19
Cybertruck feels like a low poly video game prop

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Shot on iPhone 15 Pro

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  • @OnYourLeft
    "But THIS panel gap..." Uh, dude, that's not a gap. That's a fault line between tectonic plates!
  • @WaddyMuters
    Perfect truck for people who: - Love novelty - don’t actually need a truck - are super rich - enjoy endangering everyone around them
  • @LyraLYe
    The fact that the glovebox opens through the giant ipad in front tells me more than enough about this "vehicle"
  • @couain
    The funniest joke about this monstrosity is the people who paid so much for so little. This is a huge exercise in mental gymnastics on how to justify the sheer embarrassment of being stuck with it.
  • @BenriBea
    I can't wait for analog to be popular again. Physical buttons and dials will always be more satisfying than a touch screen to me
  • @unathleticremi
    Having to stare at an Ipad to do anything at all while driving a tank. Brilliant.
  • Jesus, that cost-cutting with the rear view mirror not being a screen is unforgiveable in a machine that expensive.
  • @omegagavin
    It really does look like something cobbled together to make a low budget futuristic sci-fi movie.
  • @nikbates23
    Them cutting corners on like a $100k vehicle is absolutely wild
  • @mattleblanc31
    One thing that stood out when opening the door is that the easy way to open it requires you to grab weather stripping. I can’t see that lasting long and creating tones of wind noise. Among all the over minimalist stuff like climate controls harder to find/use, the horrible blind spots and wiper. Minimalist doesn’t mean better
  • @munyathedreamer
    Drove one of these. The squeeks and rattles in a 100k vehicle are laughable. But i couldn't laugh in front of the owner in case he leaves me on the roadside😂
  • @drmattyooo
    Best part is how genuinely uncomfortable Marques is around the geese 😂
  • @davidbrooks9576
    I'm glad some countries are making physical buttons and nobs mandatory for certain functions. Screens are dangerous when you have to look away from the road.
  • @enisss11
    Bro said “the lows are very low, and the highs go very high” but focused only on the highs. I think you went suspiciously easy on the truck..
  • @mai_komagata
    so i dont mind the cybertruck aesthetics at all… i love the truck delorean look. and taste is in the eye of the beholder. what i do mind is how cheap everything looks for a luxury vehicle. if i buy an expensive car i want expensive car things. i want my panels to match. i dont want them to have spared expense on a 20$ led display. i dont want them to have neglected to test how real people would open the car and fingerprints would form or how expensive bespoke wipers dont work well on rain. i dont want a car that cant be bothered to ship me a hubcap on release. like some of it is the perils of a low vin number car… but most of it is cutting corners when the consumer is a spared no expense person…. im a spare no expense consumer for large purchases. get it right in the quality of life stuff. dont skimp on 100$ when i paid 100k.
  • @goat2864
    That driver door fit is unbelievable. More unbelievable that whoever took delivery just accepted it? Service could have fixed that.
  • @hukstar16
    Take a drink every time he says, "in the future", "supposed to", or "fine."
  • @Zalazaar
    I didn't think it could be even shittier than it looks lol
  • @PimpDaddyDisco
    "A fool and his money are soon parted." "There's a sucker born every minute."