My Labor + Delivery Storytime

Published 2022-09-21
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All Comments (21)
  • Elizabeth Jean
    Being a wife & a mom has unlocked a completely new Trish. I'm just in awe of how much she has grown as a person in this past year. So happy for her!!😍👏
  • CC
    Her whole vibe is so different now. She’s glowing with happiness and I’m so happy for her 😭
  • Cuppy Cakey
    I love how she’s talking to us, explaining everything and her whole experience. I love how she talks about her husband and daughter. It’s so heartwarming. ❤
  • BriBri804
    There’s such a mature and calm energy to Trisha. What a fun era we are privilege to see her venture into with her growing family.
  • O Madden
    I feel like Trisha has found what she didn't know she was looking for, she seems so grounded and at one in herself, it's beautiful 🥰 love her
  • Annie Stacie
    Postpartum hormones can cause a lot of intense emotions, so make sure you have a quality therapist lined up in case you run into any problems. Motherhood is the most important and the hardest job in the world... don't worry about YouTube. You've slayed YouTube for your entire career, you've been legend status for the entire time I've been watching you. Don't feel any pressure toward the internet audience... you have a purpose beyond this.
  • gurunc
    This is the chapter that Trisha always needed in her life. She is genuinely happy.
  • Jenna Sabella
    i’ve followed trish for SOOOO long and she’s been my comfort person. The fact she has found true love and had a baby, two things she has always wanted is so amazing to see. I’m so happy for her💖
  • • Amyyy •
    Trish I haven’t seen anyone say it so I will. I’m proud of you for stopping the pain meds early. Given your history it was a very smart move to be careful with them. That’s a big thing for someone who used to be addicted. Good Job Trish.
  • I honestly have never felt this happy for anyone I have never actually met. I remember watching you back 13 years ago and following your life. Seeing you in this stage and how you’ve come into motherhood and being a wife is amazing.
  • Karina
    The way Trisha says she's so proud of her baby and she's the best thing that's ever happened to her, Trisha is already the best mom ever! ❤😭
  • Duygu Yavuz
    The way she tears up talking ab Moses is ab so cute and adorable u can tell she’s so in love w him and care for him and she’s been waiting for this moment her whole life, I’m glad her manifestations really came about, you’re gonna be a great mother Trisha
  • Jackson Jett
    This is the best I have ever seen Trisha. I hope this baby makes her see the world in a different way.
  • Arianne Eats
    This is quite frankly the MOST BEAUTIFUL THUMBNAIL that you have ever posted in your 16 years of YouTube. So happy for you! 💗💗💗
  • Megan Weis
    ive always liked your personality because i could see through all your hurt. But now, your true colors shine through so bright and its really awesome to see how truly happy and confident you are. Congratulations on the lil' bean :)
  • Mika F
    Seeing Trish blossom like this and grow into her full self is SO great to see and I have such baby fever right now 😢
  • Lyndsey Jordan
    Trish, your journey from chicken nugget to mom has been a wild ride, but this chapter has been what we’ve all wanted for you and we are so proud of you!!! Enjoy every day with Malibu and Moses! ❤
  • Syreeta Howard
    She sounds so mature in this video. I had my daughter at 26 (I’m 28 now) and having a baby makes you realize what’s really important in life/ what’s worth your energy and I feel like that’s what’s happening to her now and I’m so excited for Trish! I’ve been watching you since the very beginning and I’m so excited for the mom videos. Growing up with Trish has been so exciting this far!
  • Sophie Kinsons
    Trisha hearing you talk about your new found love for yourself through birth was amazing, “ my body is beautiful and strong” was such a touching thing to hear you say. After watching you for years it’s like a break through moment. Your seeing yourself the way you have always deserved ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • I have followed you through so many different phases of life and I must say, this is my fav Trish era. You're just glowing and so authentically content. We love to see it. ☺