BIRTH VLOG | Labor + Emergency C-Section

Published 2022-09-19

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  • Rapunzel ASMR
    Moses has an insanely calming presence, exactly what Trisha needs!
  • Giselle Reyes
    Moses is so sweet, the way he keeps engaging and comforting her, rubbing her head and being funny with her, taking care of her, putting her mask on and fanning her, it’s what every woman deserves. I love this for them. They’re so perfect together
  • Lisa Doyle
    The strength, love, and calmness Trisha exhibited throughout her birthing process was incredible to witness. Nothing fake, nothing overtly dramatic, and i am just over the moon for this new family. Ive watched Trisha since she started YouTube and everything she's ever wanted was fulfilled in this video. I've never been happier for another person. Also, BRAVO Moses.
  • Matthew Moore
    I never expected her birth vlog to be so calm. You can really tell that Moses has made a real change in her life. She seems so much happier and calmer. Really happy for y’all. :)
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  • Kedo
    Besides sweet Malibu being born of course, my favorite part of this whole video was the sweet conversation between Trish and Moses for the first 10ish minutes. Moses talks to Trish so sweetly and calmly and you can tell that they utterly complete and balance one another 🥺❤ I am just so happy for your sweet family, Trisha 🥰
  • Georgia Phillips
    I'm not a fan of Trish, but this is the most ordinary I've seen her in years. She's not acting up for the camera or for views, she's just genuine and loving here. I love that for her
  • Angel Patterson
    I literally cried while watching this. I’ve never met this woman in my life but seeing her go from having mental breakdowns on her kitchen floor to being the calmest, most serene, fearless mother gives me hope in life and in LOVE. Welcome to planet earth Malibu and congratulations Trish and Moses ❤️
  • Casie Vilk
    They way she instantly quit crying when she heard her mom talking to her 🥹❤ I’ve never seen Moses smile so big and genuine. Congratulations Trisha, you did great and stayed so positive during your pregnancy. That good energy shines through her. 💕✨
  • Trish saying "thank you for being here" was so sweet, only Trish would thank her husband for being there while shes literally birthing their child lol
  • Jill
    Just had a miscarriage of my first pregnancy and watching this gives me hope that one day I'll have this moment too. ❤
  • Rebekah Clark
    As a studying Doula, my heart was bursting with joy for you! Your calm demeanor, how you handled everything, Moses’s support, everything! Congratulations on your newest addition. You rock Trisha!
  • Watching Malibu cry and quiet down hearing Mama's voice was such a special moment. Trish is a natural beautiful mother. Moses was so calm and loving. Beautiful adorable baby and family. 💐
  • Contradiction
    It's crazy how you managed to stay positive throughout the whole pregnancy journey and not let anything get you down, good on you Trish! :)
  • v
    The part where Trisha was holding Malibu and softly talking to the baby with her eyes closed was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever seen! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of a baby so young. The happiness radiates through the video. I’ve been following for sooo long, I am so happy to see Trish having such beautiful moments.
  • Laura&MannyVlogs
    This had me in Tears. I've watched Trish for the past 10 years and although we've never met, it feels like I've followed her as a friend up until this point. There is nothing more beautiful!
  • nats
    I am so impressed with how calm they were through this whole process. Even with it ending in a c section that she said she didn’t want, they just went with the flow to safely get baby here. Congrats!
  • Arden
    I like how Trish is actually showing a blog that is realistic and not one where it looks perfect like other YouTubers
  • Jenna
    I just have to say, years ago when you first started YouTube you posted a video where I clearly remember you saying you were going to name your first daughter Malibu. Full circle moment. It’s honestly beautiful especially for the people like me who have watched you since the start, You’re going to be amazing.
  • Trisha is a calm mommy. Y’all need to really notice this and allow this growth and be so very proud of her. Congratulations!
  • Erin Abigail
    i absolutely love how calm and peaceful trisha managed to stay during this whole process. i can’t imagine being told you need to have an emergency c-section and remaining so positive. it’s very inspiring