Is the Xbox Series X and Series S Doomed to Fail?

Published 2020-08-31
#XboxSeriesX #XboxSeriesS #PS5

The Xbox Series X and Series S are coming this November but with Halo Infinites delay and the lack of exclusives are they doomed to fail going up against the PS5? In this video I pose that question looking at what the situation is with the new Xbox consoles, why they might struggle against the PS5 with exclusives like Spider-Man Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart and what they can do to compete.

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  • @ProjectGamerYT
    Just to make it really clear, I am buying both a Series X and PS5 at launch. This video isn't about hating on one console or saying the Xbox Series X is going to fail, it's purely about posing a question, giving my unbiased thoughts and reasons and then seeing what you guys think. That's what this series is about. Please don't take this as me saying the Xbox is going to fail or I don't like Xbox
  • @Max86421
    Which is better, Xbox series X bundle with Game pass ultimate are PS5 bundle with Ratchet & Clank at launch for $500? 🤔
  • @HyperActive1OO
    Ill be getting both, i had a ps3 and ps4 but i want both this time
  • @CaptureReviews
    If I weren't so broke, I'd spring for the PS5, but Xbox has shown some great potential as well. Lack of Halo at launch does hurt, but I think no matter what, people will be able to find games that will make their systems worth while. I'll be over here pinching pennies and waiting for my chance to get one of these. Great vid as always my man!
  • @ProjectGamerYT
    What do you think? Is the Halo delay and lack of exclusives at launch a big deal or will the Series S and X do well regardless?
  • @Dazza768
    The hardcore market/ active players will buy the Xbox regardless because that's where there friends, achievements, game library is. The Halo delay won't affect sales. also, Playstation is so far ahead sales-wise it's impossible for Xbox to catch up.
  • @B-U-T-C-H-E-R
    I didn't realize people were actually considering buying any xbox?
  • @mchambers4376
    The pricing isn't so much a problem as long as you're priced in the same ball park as your competitors. The problem is what the pricing was based on. The XBox One's $500 price was such a problem because everyone knew it was due to the Kinect, a fad no on one wanted. Hence gamers held off until Microsoft finally dropped the Kinect. PS3 had a similar problem as its very high price point was based around backwards compatibility, a Blu Ray player, and more powerful processing. But gamers at the time didn't compare about these features. If Sony had lunched with grade A games which showed off the PS3's power this may have made a difference.
  • @WipeoutXXXX
    Imma go with the series s, since its gonna be the cheapest option to get into next gen. My TV has a good upscaler so 1440p/1080p is enough for me. I dont need raytracing either it just eats resources like nothing else.
  • @mchambers4376
    It's not about the console, it's about the games. Microsoft needs strong grade A titles at launch which take advantage of the new console's power.
  • @micrmay1000
    The lack of exclusives and the Halo delay does have me concerned. Personally, I have no plans to buy an Xbox Series X because I can just get most of those games on PC. I think that's the main issue with Xbox and has been one of their biggest mistakes, in my opinion. As much as I love Halo on PC, it should have stayed on the Xbox as an exclusive. There's absolutely no reason to buy a console if its "exclusives" are also on another platform. I value Xbox just as much as anyone else and want to see them do well, but I'm not optimistic about their console endeavors moving forward. I do like what they're doing with Xbox Game Pass though. I'm really impressed by the service.

    But hey, Nintendo looked down and out during the last days of the Wii U and they've had a hell of a rebound. So anything's possible.
  • @gottgaame
    some how some way microsoft continues to find a way for xbox to fail it will fail. probably overheating if anything
  • @mchambers4376
    The PS3 is a perfect example of how a ruff launch is hard to escape from. It took a good four years for Sony to regain consumer confidence. The PS3 console was fantastic but the launch was ruff.
  • @arc_entei
    I'm definitely getting the ps5 at launch and will probably wait for the xbox to have a price drop or some games that's I just need to play come out before getting it.
  • @Max86421
    🕹 I'm looking forward to play these games on Xbox series X
    State of Decay 3
    Forza Motorsport
    Stalker 2
    The Gunk
    Gears 5 for Xbox series X
    Hellblade 2
    The medium
    Hello Neighbor 2
    Bright memory
    The Falconeer the Path Second Extinction
    Halo Infinite
    Flight simulator and more
  • @BlueLazeMusic
    I've always been an Xbox player. Though most my friends and my cousin have a ps4. So I play both. I personally plan on getting the new Xbox before the new Playstation. I don't play Halo games much anyways. The Xbox home screen is better same as the controller IMO. The game pass is awesome aswell. The new ps5 is okay I guess, the new controller is really ugly imo. Plus the feeling of the ps4 controller in my hand is very uncomfortable for me.

    But I only play Playstation at my cousins or friends house.
  • @yourfavweeb
    Ps5 is getting way more buys than even the ps4, most my friends that had an xbox one even wanna switch to ps5!
  • @SCHRUBBE1966
    My x box one x is better then the series s. How stupid. I have to get a newer inferior machine. It’s going to piss people off and fail. Idiots