Swift-effect sweeps Super Bowl LXIII as Kansas City Chiefs win | 1News

Published 2024-02-11
Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs are back-to-back Super Bowl champions — a feat witnessed by an unusual audience as Taylor Swift’s army of Swifties tuned in.

0:00 The Swift Factor
2:21 How the Chiefs won back-to-back Super Bowls

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All Comments (21)
  • @kreine057
    Patrick Mahomes was the star of the game for the Chiefs! Congratulations !🍾🍾🍾
  • @bert-bb3cm
    Andy Reid much respect 🫡
    Mahomes I really think you are AI
    Overall great fun to watch and outstanding performance Reba and Usher. More power for the Nfl Allegiant Stadium!$$🎉🎉🎉
  • @julheaps
    I hope she took a long, hard look at what he did to his coach. If he is gonna do that to him in front of millions, what will he do to her alone if she crosses him!!! kelce is a jerk!
  • @ursusmega2803
    It looks like a powerfully uniting & wholy American event! Keep politics out of it and just enjoy it.
  • @cgullm4074
    It's the Swift super bowl. No long football, the game today is called Swiftball.
  • @WilmerCook
    I am a big Taylor Swift fan now! Go Chiefs!
  • Hollywood couldn't have scripted a better game than this Awesome Game! Including Taylor Swift and record winning Patick Mahome.
    ❤❤Aren't we not entertained?❤❤
  • @harreetteB477
    Travis is a talented team player! He could have been played more!!!!
    Happy for the Chiefs and Travis and Taylor!
  • @itmaster3805
    49'rs had had very tough D. It was a very well played game
  • @TameraJacobs
    Everyone played their hearts out! Congratulations to the Chiefs! Let's Do this again next year!
  • @leihamada4672
    Congrats to the Chiefs but I have to ask. Eagles... Are you sure it was Reid that was the problem?
  • @Kult365
    My tin foil hat just melted 😂