San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Super Bowl LVIII Game Highlights

Published 2024-02-11

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  • @philb.1502
    Shout out to the FG kickers on both teams, nailing multiple 50+ yard clutch kicks in the game!! Both kickers combined 7-7 on FG kicks!
  • @CoverBydAn
    When the game is this close, literally every play, every decision, every mistake, every clutch FG, every yard, counted.
  • @superdannny
    KC, I owe you my life. My father is getting older & I’ve watched Mahomes crown us 3 times next to him. These memories will never fade, even when he’s gone. Thank you so much, Kansas City. This happiness could never be matched.
  • @user-jq8lx6pj1f
    Nobody is talking about how amazingly clutch KCs defense was . They played almost perfect football tonight . Incredible to start as a wildcard and then win another superbowl . This is football!
  • @bazgaming1558
    this was truly an emotional rollercoaster for both KC and the niners. nothing but respect to both teams
  • @macias7125
    49ers in overtime: Is this finally a superbowl victory? Chiefs: No, this is Patrick
  • @user-ye2oi2yh6x
    No matter how much shitalk there is about both teams this sb was really awesome. Good stats from both teams.
  • @ShowMeFB
    Still absolutely love Tony at 18:48 "Oh, they shouldn't have done that". Niners blitzed Mahomes and Tony knew lol.
  • Steve Spagnuolo is one of the greatest defensive coordinators of all time! He stopped the 18-0 Patriots back in 07 and this red hot 49ers offense in 24.
  • @n7c
    It may not have been the outcome I wanted, but you cannot deny this was one of the best Super Bowl games in a long time. Nothing but respect for KC.
  • @him1062
    Patrick Mahomes C/ATT 34/46 333 passing yards 2 passing touchdowns 25.92 Fantasy Points!
  • @irislwin1568
    I watched again and again the overtime game. It is awesome.
  • @clarktrinst
    True football fans appreciate all aspects of the game. One thing that few people have mentioned is how good the punters Mitch Wisnowsky and Tommy Townsend were in this game. They tied for the longest punting average for the game at 50.8 yards in Super Bowl history. Each one punted the ball five times for a total of 254 yards a piece. Great job!
  • @lilkh4nz
    Yall cannot lie that this was one of the most intense superbowls we had in a while
  • @Kay24311
    Just amazes me that my team has won 3/5 Superbowls and the train is still going to be rolling and headed to the summit multiple more times. S/O Kansas City Chiefs. Stand TF UP. #ChiefsKingdom
  • @user-qc5pm6gn8h
    I'm a di hard KC fan and I'm overjoyed they won but the sf 49ers matched their energy the whole game and should be proud
  • @skelter1153
    The Kickers made all the difference this entire game. Respect to the Footmen on BOTH sides. 👟💥🏈
  • @philb.1502
    The FG kickers on both teams were spectacular! They nailed multiple 50+ yard clutch kicks and were a combined 7-7 on FG kicks in the Super Bowl! Epic!
  • @waltermiller6217
    One minute 58 seconds,, Patrick getting ball,,, San Francisco had to know game over 🏆🏆🏆💯💪🏿
  • @jkurtaplin85
    That's was a great game, Watched all the way from Australia 🇦🇺 ❤😊 Great Kansas City...