San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs | Super Bowl LVIII Game Highlights

Published 2024-02-11

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  • Shout out to the FG kickers on both teams, nailing multiple 50+ yard clutch kicks in the game!! Both kickers combined 7-7 on FG kicks! Absolutely insane
  • @superdannny
    KC, I owe you my life. My father is getting older & I’ve watched Mahomes crown us 3 times next to him. These memories will never fade, even when he’s gone. Thank you so much, Kansas City. This happiness could never be matched.
  • I shed a few tears im no gonna lie. To get to live to see the Chiefs do something this amazing has changed my life. I will never be told by anyone that im foolish by being a Chiefs fan. It's the greatest thing thats ever happened to me. Back to Back Champions is beyond my wildest imagining. Hail to the Chiefs! Their the greatest.
  • @terricameron
    Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs. Three Superbowl wins in 5 years.
  • @rocjames8846
    Been a chiefs fan since 93 and never thought I’d see one Super Bowl yet 3 of them. Just enjoying it while it lasts 🎉
    Should have feeding mccaffrey till the end. He was a man in a mission… Mahomes just to good!!
  • @TimeBucks
    One of the best SuperBowls ever played
  • @Kolton-Sanders
    Both teams were soooo evenly matched its crazy how close it was. A real slug fest between the 2. Just a epic battle between both defences
  • @Liam-zu3yz
    The mighty chiefs with a QB that is literally unstoppable as a colts fan I’ve just accepted greatness
  • @poldicosa100
    I saw that game live and it was by far the most entertaining and best thing or game that I've seen in many years!

    Congrats, Chiefs on winning 😄
  • What a game! It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Shout out to both teams for their incredible performances! 🏈
  • @nala3038
    It's time to stop the Mahomes hate. This man is a goat fr. He's not even 30 years old yet and got 3 rings already. Went against a gauntlet defense and still won. Mahomes is the truth.
  • @flex2flex640
    That blocked FG was a game changer for the Chiefs
  • They wore Cmc down throughout the game, and by the time they got to OT, Kc had all rthe momentum.
  • @him1062
    Patrick Mahomes
    C/ATT 34/46
    333 passing yards
    2 passing touchdowns
    25.92 Fantasy Points!
  • @vortexathletic
    The REFS had a clean game; y’all can’t even blame them this time 😂. Congrats Chiefs!