We’re Done

Published 2024-02-06
We need to tell you something

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All Comments (21)
  • @sigils
    Guys its too early in the morning to scare me like this
  • @CSGStudios
    I would wake up every single morning of middle school and high school and watch GMM with my breakfast. Now I'm 26 and have a 2 year old little girl. I cant wait to show her such a large part of my childhood. Thank you for being you guys.
  • "We're done asking permission to be us". That really vibrated with me. No one should ever have to ask permission to be themselves.
  • @CapTheNPC2
    Between you and Olan Rogers, yall are both taking your projects to all new heights while still staying true the core values we all started with. So so pumped for this!
  • @brie
    my heart fell into my stomach and i legit thought my childhood was ab to be shattered and destroyed
  • i remember watching you guys when i was 12 years old, and now im turning 21 this year. im glad youre following your heart. i love gmm but growing up the videos on the rhett and link channel are what hooked me in and i cant wait to see what you do next <3 love you guys
  • You won't regret this. Great call. Actually, over time, you'll earn your money back big time.
  • @D3ADBOY
    Thank you for putting the art first and setting the example we need. There is so much talent that has direct access to an audience and yet always does the bidding of the middle man. Money is always the unfortunate disconnect.
  • @0ctober_
    i wish you guys owned youtube. you are the epitome of what it was supposed to be. and you can save it from what it’s becoming
  • @tylerbusch2
    We are done asking permission to be ourselves. Is a mood we need collectively as a society
  • You guys are a true inspiration! This "we are done" video is a testimony to the authenticity of your wonderful spirits and creative talents! I have been meaning to start my own creative writing venue and your message is very encouraging! Now, over 50 y.o. I just might do it! Thank you!
  • I'm done, too. I'm tired of wasting my life. I won't ever shirk responsibility, but I'm done with the stress I deal with in my current life and work. Honestly, coming to this and knowing i have to change is one of the most frightening things I'll have to do. I didn't plan on this at almost 47....
  • Last year, I stopped chasing the algorithm. My channel is dying, slowly, but you know what, the content I make, is the content I want to make, not the content the algorithm wants me to make, and honestly, even though the videos aren't performing, and the channel is slowly dying, I am having more fun now then I have in years, and that means a lot to me! So I am proud of you for what you are doing!
  • @brie
    started watching y’all when i was like 12 (even had the mythical shoes 🗣️), sitting here about to be 22 next week and pregnant with my own baby now. so glad y’all are still here 😭
  • @Nick-bn6ch
    This is exactly the spirit of YouTube and why, I've been coming here since 2005. Props for having the courage to do what so many don't
  • @rl8073
    This is like watching children who were just told that they can grow up and be whatever they want. Reminds me of step brothers, banger of a movie..
  • @schrei0reden
    As someone who found you guys long before GMM was a thing, I’m SO excited you’re bringing back your big productions!!! You guys are so insanely creative and talented. I went to film school in part cuz of you two!
  • I like that after years on youtube Rhett and Link are always trying new things, been watching them since the chia lincoln days and they have been consistently entertaining since then. Looking forward to seeing this project come to life.
  • Ive been watching you guys since I was 11. Im 20, almost 21 and i still get excited everytime you guys release something on this channel. im SO excited for this.