I Built a SECRET ROOM to Hide From My Dad!

Published 2023-09-23
hey this is salish i transformed a storage closet into a secret room when hudson and my dad were in new york! do you think they'll find me? thank you frenchie fries for helping me build a hidden door! pls follow him youtube.com/@FrenchieFries! also thanks matthew beem for giving me the idea! and polo for the amazing mural ❤️❤️

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Video by Sandy Chase

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  • @jordanmatter
    hey it's salish what would you put in your secret room?
  • I know this video was ages ago,but this video is so good and i love the relationship between salish and hudson and i know that salish teases her dad but deep down i know she loves him ❤
  • @LolaGloXxy
    My friend loves you so much,
    When I first heard of you I didn’t think I’d like it.
    But now that I’ve seen ur channel,
    I understand why she loves ur channel
  • @kailihenry7525
    Jordan's dance is so not expecting me because I didn't see that coming and the dance made me dying 😂😂
  • @RubyElle-zb3fr
    Can we just appreciate how much she wanted hudson to like the room instead of herself. Such a sweet human
  • @glowups50
    The look on Jordan's face when he realised they were both missing lol
  • @tasnimzoher554
    Hey Salish! I love the room it's really pretty and thoughtful and I love you and Hudson's brother-sister bond. I also love your style and how you're so carefree and savage. Hope we can actually meet in real life someday and become friends.
  • @laliaztlan
    We can all relate that Hudson is such a thoughtful brother 💜
  • @mrnawnawhawkie
    Its so cute the fact that jamie and salish pretty much became besties just after the babysitter video
  • @user-iz1qn4cv7p
    I just wanted to say,
    I have learned so much from Say Say and gymnastics is my favourite hobby and it is my dream to meet you guys. The thing is, I’m in England and not America but anyone’s dream can come true, right?
    I hope you read this and have a lovely day! ❤🎉
  • @wuce2005
    i luv salish being hudson.
    kept me dyeing
  • @user-xk7mf1ss7e
    Salish:come on Jamie we’re going to target
    Jamie:YES I LOVE TARGET ❤️
  • @simplyoakley7822
    I’v been watching you guys for years and it’s so fun to see how much different challenges and cool stuff you guys have been doing and that’s so nice to do with your brother keep up the good work!😁
  • Absolutely loved your video! Your content is top-notch. Keep up the fantastic work and keep creating amazing videos!
  • @cinziasaju
    It was funny how Jordan was looking for them at the end love them❤❤😂