I Built a SECRET Room in Public!

Published 2023-11-21

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  • @BenAzelart
    Love you guys! Hope you enjoyed the longer video❤️
    This idea is crazy good! You've taken hiding spots to a whole new level. The disguises, transforming a dumpster into a gaming den - it's insane! Loved the tension and the fun. That drone part was too awesome. Can't wait for your next video!
  • @EvyRose9
    I love how cam was just getting like prime,candy,ps5,tv while Ben is get things that are water,trail mix,sound panels😂
  • @XxGlamDollyxX
    Thank you for posting for us i appreciate you for what you do! ❤
  • Can we please give that lady A reward because she was so nice she said yes if he was a real Hunter or whatever he said him 2:42
  • @canadayj902
    I love your new videos❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊
  • @Riyah-qf6lz
    Lets just all thank Ben for all the effort he puts in his videos for our entertainment😊
  • @Theofficalleahk
    I love the bounty hunters personality, it makes me crack up and let’s all give a round of applause for Ben and cam for being creative with their spot. ❤
  • @ellee3540
    Can we appreciate everything ben does for us 🙏 ❤
  • @foxy86club102
    You are so talented and you inspire me every time I see your videos.❤. You are so lucky,nice and kind